Exotic Review: Tractor Cannon

Property of Ishtar Collective. WARNING: Gravity propulsor beam can cause serious injury or even death. 

Before the release of Destiny 2 Bungie announced that they would be making Exotic weapons that were not just powerful, but which truly felt Exotic. Personally, I think they nailed it with the Tractor Cannon. Plus I can finally say that RNGesus has granted me this weapon, which I searched for from the beginning of the game and I happened to have an ornament for it, so that was lucky.

The Exotic perk of the Tractor Cannon is Repulsor Force, which allows this gun to fire a powerful impulse to push enemies away, and up close, it is powerful. It should be mentioned before this review goes any further, that the Tractor Cannon is a specialised shotgun so keep in mind that nothing will happen if you try to treat it as anything else but a shotgun. The Trait of the Tractor Cannon is The Scientific Method, which temporarily increases speed and handling when you damage an opponent, which is a great boon at those close ranges if you just cannot manage to kill things. However, this perk is quite the bonus, essentially providing an easier environment when going for those harder kills. Just remember that The Scientific Method provides a five-second bonus to speed and handling and does not reset with a second damage dealing shot, the timer must end before it can be started up again.

The Tractor Cannon comes with the Extended Barrel which increases range but decreases handling speed. Extended Barrel brings the Tractor Cannon up to the standard range of other shotguns in the game while the decreased handling speed can be mitigated somewhat through The Scientific Method, so never fear. This Exotic also comes with a Particle Repeater which increases the stability of Tractor Cannon, which is just slightly under the maximum it could be. There is barely any recoil with this Exotic which is a huge bonus that adds to the fun factor. Finally, it comes with the Composite Stock which slightly increases the stability as well as increases the handling speed.


Tractor Cannon In Game.png

The Tractor Cannon is, in a few words, pretty freaking fun! There are not many weapons out there that can simply knock an opponent off a cliff or the edge of the map, and it is so enjoyable to make that happen. In PVE settings, the Tractor Cannon operates pretty much like a standard shotgun does…get up close, blast them and watch them die but the additional push can throw Major and Ultra level enemies a little off guard, allowing you to get in another hit. One of the downsides to the Tractor Cannon is that it only has four ammo in the magazine on top of a relatively slow reload speed, but on the plus side, it reloads all four bullets at once.

I have to say, after a few rather entertaining matches in the Crucible, the Tractor Cannon is just a hoot and a half. You can simply rush groups of enemy Guardians and blast them all back. Not only will it deal damage, or even kill them if they are low enough on health, but it will throw them right back. That means knocking them off cliffs or the edges of the map. This even works on active Supers, being able to kill them with environmental hazards or giving yourself some room to finish them off. The real fun thing about this Exotic is its ability to push back multiple opponents due to a larger blast radius. With the way the Crucible is now, heavily focused on team shooting, if you are able to get up close with the Tractor Cannon, you have the potential to do some serious damage.


The Tractor Cannon can be acquired through an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur if he happens to have it in his inventory.


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