Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Crown Of Tempests

Mighty are they of the stormcloud thrones, and quick to anger, but bounteous to those whom they love.

First up I want to mention one thing, a refractive, glass covered helmet surrounded by a crown of sharp spikes and rocking two earrings is a great idea for an Exotic. The Crown of Tempests is an Exotic for the Arc charged Stormcaller and it is an all-round great Exotic.

The Exotic perk for Crown of Tempests is Conduction Tines, which boosts the recharge rate of your Arc abilities when you score Arc ability kills. It essentially turns your Stormcaller into a giant feedback loop. Conduction Tines allows you to put out Arc damage at a faster rate, providing you keep scoring those ability kills. This perk functions with both grenade and melee kills and boosts the recharge rate of both so you will be getting consistent use out of the Crown of Tempests.


The Crown of Tempests is a Stormcaller’s PVE dream, where you have a ton of lower level enemies that you can eliminate with your Arc abilities. This is doubly true with large groups of weaker foes, such as Dregs and Thrall, where your powerful Arc grenades can really do some damage. With the high damage output of some Stormcaller grenades, it is not going to be hard to get at least one Arc kill. Moving onto the melee, despite its range being shortened from Destiny 1 (RIP extendable melee) it has enough power behind it to finish off most enemies if you time it right. What you have to remember with Crown of Tempests is that it only works with Arc ability kills, meaning to make the most out of the arc charged Exotic potential you have to kind of pay attention, at least sometimes.

In PVP, the Crown of Tempests becomes quite powerful, if occasionally sporadic at times. In the Crucible, your abilities are incredibly important, with the cooldowns being lengthened alongside Discipline, Strength and Intellect being a thing of the past. Crown of Tempests allows for a slightly faster recharge, which in turn equals more devastating damage output. You would want to use grenades that are easy to score kills with and as with all abilities in the Crucible, you want to time it right. Not to mention melee abilities are how a lot of the fights in the Crucible get resolved, so having a nice little ability recharge boost after dissolving an opponent in lightning will be a boon not to mention, the cooldown being shorter meaning you have a strong chance of winning the next melee clash.

It is important to note for both PVP activities and those in PVE that your Super is also an Arc ability, so scoring kills with Stormtrance will definitely boost your recharge.


Crown of Tempests can be acquired through Exotic Engram decryptions, from PVP and PVE rewards or from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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