Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Rat King. Is It Really Royalty?

We are small, but we are legion.

The Rat King is one of those guns, like Gjallarhorn, where more really is better. Set at the top of a riddle-filled Exotic quest, the Rat King became (and still is) something that many people are striving for. But is it truly worth it? Or is it just another gun that will sit in our Vaults?

Rat King comes with the Exotic perk Rat Pack, which increases its strength when nearby allies also have it equipped. This lovely little ability stacks up to six times meaning you can theoretically rock the Leviathan raid with six Rat Kings and reap the damage boost benefits. It also comes with the delightful Trait Vermin, which allows the wielder to become temporarily invisible when reloading immediately after a kill. This ability is not on a cooldown either, every kill with Rat King will make you invisible. This invisibility has a similar duration to the Nightstalker’s smoke bomb invis but better, because it can be used constantly.

This Exotic sidearm also comes with Smallbore which increases both range and stability, both of which are needed sidearms in general. Even with the boost to range, you still do not want to be anywhere but up close with the Rat King, otherwise, you will basically be wasting ammo…or die if you happen to be playing in the Crucible. Tactical Mag is next on this list, which provides boosts to reload speed, magazine size and stability once again. With a magazine of 15 bullets, you shouldn’t find it too hard to score a kill or two assuming all of your shots land on their target. Reload speed is also pretty high which allows a liberal and sometimes life-saving use of the Vermin Trait. Rat King also comes with Smooth Grip, which provides another slight boost to stability once again and a slight boost to weapon handling.


Rat King In Game

The Rat King is a great all round sidearm capable of tearing enemies up at close range and allowing a quick reposition or escape after a kill due to Vermin. In PVE, you can have great success with Rat King due to its decent stability, easily controllable recoil and low ttk on enemies.

Crucible presents the same benefits, carving through enemy Guardians at close range and then able to invisibly scurry away to safety to prepare for the next kill. Due to the faster reload speed, you can activate Vermin after a quick kill in Crucible to distract the other Guardians who are trying to avenge their teammate. It is a nice little surprise factor that can benefit the quick-fingered.

This is all without mentioning the Rat Pack perk which can turn Rat King from a good weapon into a great one. The Rat Pack bolsters this Exotics damage when there are other Rat King guns nearby. Even having three Rat Kings in total will increase the damage exponentially. It has a lot of potential to become incredibly OP when other Rat Kings are around. Rat Pack makes this Exotic quite interesting and its power controllable by you and your allies. You can simply make it as strong as you wish. Rat King is a very versatile and powerful sidearm.


The road to the Rat King basically begins with the phrase; ‘Perchance a riddle?’, as it is riddle quest so if you want to figure it out yourself, do not read any further. For the rest of you, let us continue.

After you complete the Red War campaign and reach level 20, you will get the option to complete a Quest on Titan called the Enemy of my Enemy. Complete that entire Questline and you will be rewarded with an item known as the Rat King’s Crew.

The Rat King’s Crew item will take up a Kinetic Weapon slot and has an objective for you to complete in riddle form. Here are the solutions;

  • Complete two Patrol missions with a Fireteam of at least one other Guardian. Remember you have to complete Cayde-6’s Patrol quest before you can finish this step.
  • Complete two Public Events with a Fireteam of at least one other Guardian.
  • Complete two Crucible matches with a Fireteam of at least one other Guardian.
  • Finally, you will have to complete a Nightfall with at least five minutes remaining on the mission timer. This one can be a bit tricky to complete and will definitely be easier on some Nightfalls than others but with a coordinated team, I’m sure you can do it.

If you manage to complete the Nightfall with five minutes left you will be awarded the Rat King on the spot which should be around your Power level. Good luck and enjoy being part of the Rat Pack.


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