Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Get Your Spook On With Paladins OB60 All Hallows Evie

Halloween is in the air and Paladins: Champions of the Realm is really stepping up their spook factor with a loaded patch that brings the scares. Despite Halloween not really being celebrated in Australia, I will be rocking out the month of October with all the awesome new stuff.

Foreman’s Rise

Foreman's Rise Onslaught Point

There is a brand new map, the first custom Onslaught map that will be coming to Paladins in OB60. Foreman’s Rise is a continuation of the Splitstone Quarry Siege Map and in fact, you can see right down to where the Siege battles rage on amidst the mining equipment. Points for continuity.

Foreman's Rise Look Down On Splitstone Quarry

Foreman’s Rise central capture point features an internal balcony where players can not only battle the players below but which also acts as a contested zone, meaning you can stop the battle from up high. Definitely going to be some intense skirmishes on this map. To get up onto this balcony are a series of elevators that activate once you get on them, which is a cool little mechanic that I will be exploiting quite a bit.

New Chest

Little Box Of Horrors

This new Chest has literally all your Paladins Halloween needs with iconic accessories for six Champions. There is something for everyone.

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Torvald rocks a tombstone and a shovel, kind of creating a story about where he really got his Runic Gauntlet with his Grove-Robber’s Spoils accessory, Seris has been taken over by the Parasite which is reminiscent of Brainsuckers from Outer Space. Jenos gets really into hockey with the Ghoulish Goalie mask showing some love for Jason while Androxus brings some Scream back into your lives. Ruckus even gets a little Flanking fever with his Lil’ Andy accessory, turning him into a tiny little Androxus.

Blightbark Grover

Also in the chest is Blightbark Grover, which is a brand new uncommon skin that sees Grover lit up from within with ghostly light. But that is not all the tricks and treats hiding in the Little Box of Horrors Chest. Did someone ask for more skins because we got em.

Bewitched Evie In Game

A new Epic skin for Evie is making its way into Paladins with all new effects, sounds and a simply Bewitching design.

Bewitched Evie WeaponBewitched Evie Grave Stone

Aside from a sweep of new animation effects and designs Bewitching Evie also has weapon splash damage that throws a glowing bat on any surface hits, except Champions of course.

The Little Box Of Horrors Chest also comes with a special Spray that is apparently going to be a rare drop. This Spray comes with a classic Halloween Boo that will change in appearance whether it is placed in shadow or in the light.

Pumpking Bombking

Also making a return from a year ago is one of the rarest Epic level skins that has ever been Epic’d Pumpking Bomb King. This skin was first released a year ago and it has been taunting players ever since by sitting in the customisation section but never being able to be acquired.


Well, until now. Pumpking Bomb King will be available in the Little Box Of Horrors Chest alongside all the other spooky goodies. This is one Chest you do not want to miss out on because if you do, it will haunt you.

You’re Going To Hear Me Roar

Bomb King Roar Emote

Last patch they introduced Dance Emotes and this time round, we are getting Roar Emotes which come with new sound and animation. Paladins fans may remember the classic Bomb King roar from the Be More Than A Hero Trailer released in January 2017. Well, it is here to stay, coming standard with fire breath.

Drogoz Roar EmoteGrover Roar Emote

But that isn’t all, with Drogoz and Grover getting Roar Emotes alongside Bomb King. Drogoz’s Raging Beast perfectly summarises the old addage, you mess with the bull you get the horns, while Grover is getting a bit more aggressive with Nature’s Fury.

The Roar Emotes will be found in the Flair Chest, which is quite cheap when you compare it to the great stuff you can get out of it.

Spooky Scary Skins

Boo Blaster

The Halloween madness is still not over, with so many more themed skins to bring out of the dark. Pip is getting a brand new weapon known as the Boo Blaster. Pip literally gets everything. The Boo Blaster is available as a direct purchase and can be equipped with any of Pip’s skins. May I recommend Mad Scientist if you have it.

Boo Blaster Ghouls

The real magic happens when you activate Pip’s Evil Mojo, which instead of turning them into chickens, it turns enemy Champions into adorable little ghouls, which I do not want to kill. They are just so tiny and smol.

Raven Strix ArtRaven Strix

Despite Strix being released only a couple patches ago, he is already getting an awesome new skin, but its okay because I am totally not bitter about how long it took Seris to get a skin. Raven Strix is hitting the Realm in OB60 with a whole new black cloak and cool new raven boned weapons. One of the coolest things about this new skin is the fact that he has red eyes and a stitched face underneath the raven mask, making it even cooler with other accessories. Raven Strix is a reward for a Halloween themed Quest line, similar to Ronin Ash and Kunoichi Skye. But first we have to introduce;

Wickerman Mal’Damba

Wickerman Mal'Damba 2D Art

As a long time fan and player of Mal’Damba this one makes me super happy, giving Mal’damba and his snake a terrifying edge.

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I mean look at this scary ass couple, with Damba’s stilt legs and the cobra’s menacing eyes and spiky body. This is definitely a skin I will be getting, because LOOK AT IT. Wickerman Mal’Damba will be available as a direct purchase for 400 Crystals due to it being an Epic level skin, meaning it comes with a voice pack and spray.

Grinch Wallow In Self Pity.jpg

Speaking of the voice pack, the Paladins Patch Preview explored some of the things the Wickerman can say, and his long joke is full of GRINCH REFERENCES. The classic scene where he talks about wallowing in self-pity and dinner with himself, is basically what Wickerman Damba says. For that reason alone it is worth getting, and if you don’t know what I am talking about, just go check out the scene, it will be worth it.

Back to the Quest, upon purchasing Wickerman Mal’Damba, you will be given the Questline, A Night’s Haunting which requires you to heal for 200,000 health. While you do not have to use Mal’Damba for this, you will have to play Support. Get used to healing real quick. This will reward you with the Wickerman Spray.

Completing A Night’s Haunting will unlock, Toil and Trouble, which requires you to simply win 10 games and rewards you with Strix’s Raven Talon Rifle. Finally, you will unlock the Give em a Scare Quest. Score 40 kills and be rewarded with the Strix Raven skin. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

VIP Rewards

There are three VIP rewards coming in OB60, which are going to increase the VIP Point grind for a fair while. There is a new announcer pack featuring Bruce Buffer, who is the official announcer for UFC events. There is an actual announcer for a Paladins announcer pack…who would’ve guessed?

Get Clucked Dance Emote

Pip has spent countless matches turning other players into chickens and now, it is his turn. There is a new Legendary Dance Emote, Get Clucked which adorably makes Pip do the chicken dance.

Nightmare Mount

The Nightmare Mount will also be available in the VIP store for a grand total of 40,000 VIP Points. Deadly horns, ghostly hooves and an awesome chained saddle await in a badass but probably not comfortable new way to charge into battle.

Well that is it for all the spooky new content coming to Paladins with OB60. I have to admit I was never a huge fan of Halloween, but with these new additions, I might have to become one.

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