Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Eye Of Another World

When the universe conspires, its enemies cannot hide.

Eye of Another World seems like an Exotic that is letting something from another world into the head of the Warlock wearing it (in the true Warlock fashion may I add). Based on its Exotic perk, it is probably connected to the world of Destiny 1, where we can control the speed of our ability regen (RIP Discipline, Intellect and Strength).

The Eye of Another World holds the Exotic perk, Cerebral Uplink, which improves the regeneration speeds of your Grenades, Melee and Rift abilities. Just stop and appreciate this for a moment; this Exotic speeds up every ability that you have, giving you a distinct edge in all sorties and combat situations. It is a solitary Exotic helmet that can throw all ability regens into the mix without too much trouble, which makes you a powerful bringer of the Light. Not to mention that Eye of Another World can be equipped on whatever subclass you wish, which provides a lot of versatility.  Cerebral Uplink also highlights priority targets when in battle. What this means is that it will highlight weaker or low health enemies as well as targets that have a full Super.


The Eye of Another World is, quite simply, one of the better general Exotics in the game. There are Exotics out there that are flashier and have cooler perks but from a practical standpoint Eye of Another World kills it. In PVE and PVP activities the highlight perk is kinda meh, but a nice visual addition to your HUD. Highlighting Supers is all well and good in the Crucible, but the added bar up top with enemy Supers highlighted it becomes slightly redundant but still helpful if there are multiples of the same subclass. But honestly, it just becomes common sense that if there is a Titan charging at you, he is either going to shotgun you or Fist of Panic you and if he doesn’t have a shotgun you can figure the rest out from there.

However, when you get to that improved regen, it just cannot be beaten in a myriad of different activities. No matter what way you cut it, getting your abilities back quickly when the default regen is kind of slow is an absolute game changer. Especially when you consider the potential additional damage output if you are a player who consistently gets kills with abilities. But if you aren’t, you have a greater potential to get more kills. Trust me when I say, as a Voidwalker main, that you can never have too many Axion Bolt Grenades.


The Eye of Another World can be acquired through completing the Riptide mission on Titan during the Red War campaign. It can also be gained through an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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