Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves

“This won’t end well for one of us. And darling, it won’t be me”. – Self-styled “Lady” Olu Alderdice.

The Tricksleeves embody a core Hunter trait, and that is speed and the ability to get out of a tight jam. And like another ramen-eating, gambling Hunter that we know (*cough cough* Cayde), they were designed by someone who may not have respected the rules as much.

The Exotic perk for the Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves is known as Spring-Loaded Mounting, which improves the reload and ready speed of any and all Sidearms that you equip. Can you say a Crucible close-encounter dream? The Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves are a very niche Exotic though but that does not undermine their effectiveness in combat. What they mean by ready speed is how quickly the Sidearm can be fired after switching weapons or reloading and considering that it happens instantly with the Tricksleeves equipped is quite impressive. In regards to the reload, however, it is amazing, granting a rapid reload speed to any and all Sidearms (which includes Rat King by the way). The Mechaneers Tricksleeves may not be the flashiest of Exotics but their usefulness is easily clear to Sidearm users. Just make sure you are actually going to use Sidearms because they are useless for everything else.


The Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves are quite good in PVE when going up against all kinds of entities whether they be lower level or higher level, allowing your Guardian to pump out a lot of damage within a small amount of time. This can either be used to deal more damage to higher level enemies much more rapidly or to eliminate whole swathes of weaker ones.

Those same principles can be extended to make your Guardian a master of the Crucible. Due to shotguns being relegated to the Power ammo slot, Sidearms are a definite top contender for close range gunplay. The almost instantaneous ready speed will allow Guardians to fire off shots sooner and the rapid reload will mean, for the most part, that you will not be caught mid-reload and take out prematurely. To put it simply the Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves are perfect for a reactive Sidearm user, or just a real big Sidearm enthusiast. Definitely a very useful Hunter Exotic.


The Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves can be acquired through an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur carrying it in his inventory. Additionally, it can be selected as an Exotic reward after completing the mission Riptide as a Hunter.

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