Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Lunafaction Boots

“I thank you for the gift of these atomsI will use them well”. – The Stoic

The Lunafaction Boots are one of those incredibly practical Exotic armour pieces that turn the Warlock and any allies into a never-ending damage machine. On top of this, the Lunafaction Boots look very medieval inspired which I really dig.

The Exotic perk of Lunafaction Boots is known as Alchemical Etchings, which augments your Rifts, both Empowering and Healing, to reload allies weapons. Now for all you solo players don’t worry for the Lunafaction Boots also reload your weapons. This is not a one-off reload either, for when you have a Rift active you can step in and out of it to gain the instant reload again. Simply repeat as desired, or until the Rift fades away. These boots are quite powerful and can turn a Guardian into a neverending bringer of bullets and death.


These boots are a dream to utilise in PVE activities, especially with allies who use your Rift. You can either stand in the Rift and get healed constantly while your stream of bullets whittles away health bars or you can deal bolster damage for the entire team. Not many enemies can stand with a full fireteam firing constantly while having their damage boosted. You just simply have to time it right and duck out of the Rift as you are firing and the reload will occur, you don’t even really have to move that far out of the Rift. Majors and Ultras will crumble, assuming you don’t get knocked right out of your Rift.

In PVP it is even greater, allowing once again an instant reload which, if you are getting pursued is a definite advantage and one that may assist you with winning the firefight. Not to mention, in the Crucible, allies will jump in on the Rift to either heal up or get a damage boost and they will also feel the effects of the Lunafaction Boots.


The Lunafaction Boots can be acquired through an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.


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