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Skelattack Flips The Tables On Dungeon Delving. Exploring The Demo!

Skelattack takes the existing world of dungeon exploring games and completely reverses it placing you in the shoes of Skully, an enchanted skeleton who roams his underground world, defending it from invading humans. If you have ever wondered what it is like for the denizens of the countless dungeons we have raided over the years, Skelattack has all the answers.

So this morning I made a cup of tea and some breakfast and sat down to go dungeon diving on my mac, which I do not play games on. Suffice it to say the first few rooms were a little confusing and frustrating on my end. But then when I learned to not suck at keyboard-based gaming, it quickly turned into one of my new favourites.

Sound The Alarm, The Humans Are Here

Skelattack Enemy

It was a peaceful day in the dungeon when humans invaded, seeking treasure and tearing up the home of the dungeon-dwellers. Armed with a sword and some magic and accompanied by his ever faithful bat companion Imber, Skully must fight his way through the dangerous horde armed with an array of blades, magic and bad manners. I mean, not even knocking before entering? From heavily armoured knights to rogues flinging fireballs at you, Skully will have his hands full.

The Traps Work Both Ways

Skelattack Danger

Dealing with the invading humans wasn’t that big of a challenge, they were quite easily dealt with, but the true pain came from the traps. For the dungeon does not recognise friend or foe, that’s right we’re all screwed. The traps added a certain surprise and challenge element that requires some strategy and forethought to bypass and they get more intricate and difficult as you progress into the differing rooms.

Skelattack Traps

I will leave you with a single warning: Beware the floaty grey and green rocks. They gave me no end of trouble, especially when I was stupid enough to screw up my wall-to-wall jumping and kept landing on them.

Boss Fights Keep You Moving

Skelattack Boss

As you progress through the differing dungeon zones you will encounter a series of powerful bosses each with their own mechanics and weapons. These 2D side-scroller battles have lovely little high platforms which allow the use of the platforming skills you should have down by now. Or just jump and flail around, works for me. The boss fights are actually engaging and enjoyable – reminding me of old-school side-scrollers that still hold up to this day.

Colourful Characters Everywhere

Skelattack Garden

The dungeon is also home to other ‘dangerous’ denizens who are just hiding in their little unique rooms and waiting for the whole mess to blow over. Gardening apparently is a popular pastime, which I guess makes sense because everytime you respawn you claw your way out of the dirt. It is an easy way to turn the soil before planting. These skeletons have the right idea.

Dungeon Lore

Skelattack Lore

Skelattack gets even better with uncoverable books and lore, which tells the story of the dungeon and its inhabitants. Learn why the humans have invaded the peaceful home of the skeletons and the other dungeon denizens. All this lore can be found in the library ruled over by a friendly demon librarian.

The Challenge

Skelattack Blacksmith

Skelattack is one of those games that has ignited my desire to complete it. No matter how many times I fell and clawed my way out of the dirt I wanted to get to the next area, the next section of the dungeon. Frustration was mounting every time I slid back down a wall, or jumped a bit too far and landed on those annoying rock traps and got sent back to the little blue checkpoint torches. But it was the kind of frustration that got me motivated to keep at it and the same frustration that heard me yell with triumph after I finally completed a simple section.

Skelattack is a delightful little twist on the classic dungeon diving adventure and quickly delved deep into my heart to become one of my new favourites. The new take on the popular 2D side-scroller and the gorgeous animations of Skully and Imber create a charming little game that I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already. Quite simply put, Skelattack is a game to die for!

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