Call of Duty

Call Of Duty WW2’s War Mode Brings Back The Franchise In A Big Way

For a long time Call of Duty has gotten a bit stale and lacklustre over the last few years. The last Call of Duty game I played in earnest with genuine excitement was Modern Warfare 2 and that was many many years ago. When it was announced that World War 2 was going to be in the spotlight for the next iteration, it sparked joy and an eagerness to get my hands on it. Well, EB Expo 2017 provided that chance with a rather lengthy (but still somewhat short) wait to try out the new War mode coming in Call of Duty WW2.

Basically what you have to understand about the new War mode is that it is fast-paced, objective-based gameplay on a larger scale. There is not simply one objective to capture but multiple which affords different weapons to shine at different intervals. That is the beauty of the War mode, it allows for all the team killing and gunning down that you want, coupling with objective play that is benefited from scoring those kills. It is a nice blend.

After an hour and a half wait, twelve of us were filed into a small room to watch a mission briefing which outlined all the objectives and tools that we would have at our disposal. I mean tools literally because you will have opportunities to demolish or build structures in order to progress or lay down some serious suppressing fire… thank you slightly hidden machine gun nest. After the briefing, we took our positions and picked up our controllers and I found myself on the opposite team to my girlfriend who I love dearly but love has no place when both our competitive sides kicked in.

When the game started it is clearly evident that it is incredibly fast paced with soldiers attempting to flank through shrubbery or side doors on the buildings (which were quickly boarded up) and some rushing in all guns blazing, only to be taken out by the one guy who just came around a corner. There was a lot at stake fighting off the Nazi’s…and my girlfriend who started tearing it up once she got a hold of a machine gun.

Call of Duty WW2 Tank

As we advanced through the forward base the objective changed and we had to build a bridge while at the mercy of the enemy team firing down upon us. A popular strategy was to belly crawl and attempt to build it while the rest of your team laid down some suppressing fire. It requires a fair bit of team coordination and skill to protect your bridge builders from being mowed down by the gun emplacements or headshotted by a sniper.

After an unsuccessful bridge build the tables were turned and we were on the defence as German soldiers, complete with a set of new weapons to choose from. It was much the same kind of setup with plenty of high windows and barricaded walls to shoot from and the more adventurous of our team tried some of that good old-fashioned flanking to great effect. After an intense five or so minutes the match was over, with neither team managing to complete the bridge. I like to attribute some of that to me, with the constant gathering of One Shot, One Kill Medals. Fun fact you cannot machine gun if you are dead!

Call of Duty WW2’s War mode is a delightful return to the series roots with a twist. It’s big and bold and perfectly blends killing and objective gameplay with plenty of room for every kind of player and every kind of WW2 weapon. War allows for multiple routes to achieve the objectives in a branching out kind of fashion that forces players into decisive bottlenecks at the objective itself. It is this blend that makes War fast-paced and fun, and it is good to be excited about a Call of Duty game once again. Thank you EB Expo 2017.


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