Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Skyburner’s Oath

The inscription, written in a Cabal dialect, reads: “Victory or death!”

It is a wonderful thing when you take the enemies own weapon and turn it against them, it happened with Outbreak Prime and now it is time for the Skyburner’s Oath. When I first saw this weapon, I had no clue it was a scout rifle with its weird compact design but I cannot deny it’s effectiveness.

Skyburner’s Oath utilises the Exotic perk Slug Rifle, which allows this weapon to fire Solar slugs that get stronger as you aim down sights. This is a useful perk because it basically rewards Guardians for using a Scout Rifle as it should be used. This makes it a deadly tool from the further ranges. But the Solar slugs does not really change much with Skyburner’s Oath, I mean it does solar damage so that’s nice and scoring a kill melts the victim away in fire but it has no real practical applications beyond that. Slug Rifle is backed up by the Trait, For The Empire, which allows Skyburner’s Oath to fire full auto. My biggest problem with full auto Scout Rifles is how difficult it can get to control the recoil and to consistently land those precision shots, but due to the slow fire speed of this Exotic, it should not be a huge problem. For The Empire also imbues Skyburner’s Oath with additional damage to Cabal enemies and allows it to penetrate Phalanx shields. It is very similar to the Oversoul Edict from Destiny 1 in that it can shoot right through Phalanx shields and damage those pesky Cabal.

Skyburner’s Oath comes standard with Extended Barrel which increases the range of this Scout, which is always a good thing, but at the cost of decreased handling speed, which you can kind of feel. Skyburner’s Oath is a heavy feeling Scout Rifle but alternative perks on this weapon balance out the handling. Next up we have Extended Mag, which greatly increases the magazine size to a hefty 18 bullets but at the cost of a severely decreased reload speed. I mean the reload on Skyburner’s Oath is incredibly slow, especially for a Scout Rifle so you better make those 18 bullets count. Finally, it comes with a Short-Action Stock which greatly increases handling speed, basically cancelling out the negatives of Extended Barrel.


Skyburner's Oath In Game

Skyburner’s Oath is inherently an Exotic weapon designed for PVE activities. With the high additional damage against Cabal, it becomes a front-runner for top weapons in the Leviathan Raid where you are constantly assaulted by Cabal, or through replaying the Red War campaign, possibly through Meditations. The additional damage whilst aiming down sights is also a nice little boon since it rewards Guardians for staying at range or just utilising the scope in general.

Crucible is a completely different story for this Exotic, where the niche that Skyburner’s Oath fits into becomes nullified. First up the lack of Cabal enemies when fighting Guardians effectively knocks out the usefulness of the Exotic Trait while the slow firing rate, even with the full auto will not end well most of the time. Sure you may get a few kills here and there with the Skyburner’s Oath but there are so many Legendary weapons and indeed, Legendary Scout Rifles that could better serve you in Crucible. It is a good Exotic but fits a niche, which, unfortunately, is not in the Crucible.


Skyburner’s Oath can be found through Exotic Engram decryptions or from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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