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What Is Pantropy? A Look At This Upcoming Sci-Fi Adventure Game

I had a look at my games library recently and discovered two things, the first being that I am seriously running out of space to store my games. The second thing is that I do not nearly have enough sci-fi mech-based games, thus enters Pantropy, a game currently being developed by Brain Stone, which incorporates base building, rep gaining, resource hunting and big, bad mechs all in one glorious game.

Pantropy revolves around grinding and hunting for resources in order to build your base and establish your mark on the wide, open world. These bases can become massive in scope with automated defence systems, multiple rooms and generators to power, pretty much everything you will need. These can be built on any biome you discover within the Pantropy universe, above or below ground. You will still be attacked though, so get ready for that!


In order to keep your base, you are going to need to build some Mechs, giant robots that you can pilot, each being equipped with alternating tools or weapons, such as Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns. These are essential when taking on other players bases or the myriad of deadly creatures that inhabit the world. It is a crazy sci-fi planet after all.

In one of the Devlogs put out by Brain Stone, it was mentioned that there are five Mechs that exist in the game currently, each with their own strengths, weakness and mind-bending abilities, I mean some of these things can get truly huge…and terrifying. As the size and strength of the Mech go up, so too does the amount of weapons or variety of weapons that can be equipped.


It really is a jungle out there, a dangerous jungle so you are going to need to carry an arsenal with you. Aside from the heavy-duty weaponry that your Mech can bring to the table, your character will be able to build and utilise a huge variety of firearms, from assault weapons, sniper rifles and laser pistols. All the tools of the sci-fi trade my friends. This is capped off with the fact that you can build specialised defensive systems at your home base to fend off intruders. Barricades and automated turrets are your friends in this regard because some of these baddies can get pretty big!


There are 13 or so different creatures in the game, with wild aesthetics and dangerous attacks that could end your beautiful life. These monsters truly embody the sci-fi scene, I mean there is one that looks like a giant whale crossed with some kind of insect and it is glorious.

It is confirmed that there will be both PVP and PVE elements to Pantropy and no where is that more true than in the Faction system, where you can join a unique faction to help generate positive rep and otherwise have a team that can help you survive, either through grinding for resources or defending from hostile attacks.

You can show your excitement for Pantropy by supporting their Thunderclap and helping make this exciting new sci-fi game, a reality.

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