Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Overcome Death With Terminus The Fallen In Paladins OB61

Another Paladins: Champions of the Realm livestream has come and gone and there is a whole lot of new content to check out so let us not waste any time.

Get Your Flair On

Calling Card Emote

There are two new Emotes that are coming to the Flair Chest in OB61, the first being the Calling Card Emote for Maeve. Featuring some dagger slashing very reminiscent of Zorro the lines Maeve carves change depending on what daggers you have equipped. Equipping the Freedom Daggers adds a bit of red, white and blue while the Dreamhack Daggers throw out an orange pixel effect, which is easily one of the better ones.

Liquid Courage Flair

Our favourite Spanish knight is also getting a new Emote, known as Liquid Courage which sees him take a big swill of the current name brand Realm drink (name pending) and being his usual blase self.

The Realm Has Finally Gotten Facebook

Facebook Jenos

Jenos is getting a brand new skin which decks him out in a gorgeous blue robe and blue Star Splitter which seems a lot more celestial than his default colours.

Facebook Jenos In Game

This Rare Jenos skin is free for all players who connect their Facebook accounts to the game. Simple stuff and free is always better.

Even More Skins!

Pilot Skye In Game

It would not be a Paladins patch without a ton of new skins and the fun continues with a brand new Uncommon set for Skye. Known as Pilot, it combines the stark contrast of a sleek white bodysuit and bright blue hair, with some pretty amazing customisation options. The Kunoichi hair with the suit works wonders it seems.

Oni Talus

Getting an Epic skin ridiculously early is our newest Champ to join the Realm, Talus of the Ska’Drin. Contrasting with his light-hearted and happy persona he is getting the Oni skin and bearing the striking visage of the mischievous demons from Japanese mythology.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The voice pack for Oni Talus is still as sarcastic and cheeky as ever but with a fearsome new look. In fact, when you remove the Oni mask, Talus has some sleek new facial features in the form of what appears to be war paint.

Oni Talus WeaponOni Talus Ultimate

He has gotten a visual effects overhaul with this skin (obviously) which adds a lot more fire, smoke, brimstone and Japanese symbols to the battlefield. Seriously check out Talus’ Overcharge, the smoke on that ability is really cool!

Talus Oni will be found in a brand new Chest coming to the Paladins Realm in OB61. Known as the Feudal Chest, it will not only contain Oni, but Ronin Ash and Kunoichi Skye, so if you did miss out on acquiring those awesome Epic skins, well now is your chance.

Get Those VIP Rewards


It is a good day to be a VIP (which everyone basically is btw). The VIP store will be playing host to a mechanical marvel, the DZ-03 DRACO, which is an Epic skin for Drogoz. Featuring a decidedly mechanical vibe and a voice devoid of all pity and humanity (if Drogoz had any to begin with) the DRACO is one top-tier Epic for a very popular Champ.

DZ-03 DRACO In Game

I mean just check out some of his abilities in action, with plasma charged projectiles and flight boosters making DRACO a spectacle on the battlefield.

Whip The Wick?

Bomb King Wick Whip

Also coming to the VIP Store is a brand new Legendary Emote for Bomb King, known as Wick Whip, which really shows how much of a partier Bomb King really is. This Emote will most likely be set around the 20,000 to 25,000 VIP point mark so better get saving.

Terminus, The Fallen

Terminus The Fallen In Game

To cap off this great patch we also have a brand new Champion coming to the Realm and a Frontliner at that. Maybe Terminus will make more people want to play Frontlines. Terminus is a heavy-duty melee Champion with some pretty impressive ranged abilities and an Ultimate to die for…literally.

Massacre Axe

Terminus’ weapon of choice is the Massacre Axe, a large scale, death-dealing scythe-looking thing capable of dealing 700 damage in a large arc. It is a seriously large radius that Massacre Axe can hit and makes him a very deadly and efficient frontline, capable of dealing damage to multiple Champions without too much hassle…unless they run away.

Calamity Blast

Terminus isn’t solely a melee Champion as I have mentioned before, being capable of a ranged attack that synergises with another of his abilities. Terminus can fire a projectile, known as Calamity Blast that deals 250 damage, which on its own is not a lot but the fact that it sits pretty with a 2 second cooldown means he can use it pretty reliably. This ability gains more power for every Calamity Charge that is stored. But how do you get Calamity Charges?

Power SyphonCalamity Blast Stacks

Say hello to Power Syphon, another ability of Terminus that boosts the power of Calamity Blast. Power Syphon is a new type of shield that will absorb damage over a short period of time. For every 1200 damage you absorb, it will generate one Calamity Charge (which you can see in the above image). These charges can be unleashed in one devastating series of projectiles after activating Calamity Blast. Each projectile does 250 damage but if you manage to land all the shots, it is a quick 1250 damage. It is worth noting that while your Calamity Charges will not decay over time, it may take more than one use of Power Syphon to generate them all.

Most Frontline Champs have movement abilities though right? Well none are like Terminus’. Shatterfall is a quite dramatic movement ability that also deals 500 damage in an aoe attack. Terminus leaps in the air, in a similar way to Ash and slams his Massacre Axe down on enemies heads. This can serve to displace you, score some additional kills as well as slowing or stunning your opponents which is incredibly useful especially to a melee Champ. The downside to this is that it is on a large cooldown, meaning you have to be smart when utilising Shatterfall.

Reanimation 2Reanimation 1

But the Ultimate is where this Frontline really shines and really places a better emphasis on death. Known as Reanimation this Ultimate can only be activated once Terminus has been killed. Players will get a four-second timer to activate it which will rebuild Terminus over 2.5 seconds. After this Terminus will deliver a massive explosion as he completes his necromantic return, dealing 4000 damage in a large radius. This damage is huge as it is enough to destroy entire teams and can be a valuable source of damage and/or point clearing in overtime or in any objective based scenario. Use those 2.5 seconds wisely and get away.

Patch OB61 brings a lot of amazing new skins and a devastating new Frontline, Terminus the Fallen to Paladins: Champions of the Realm. It will not be long before we will be able to get our hands on all this amazing new content.

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