Elder Scrolls Online

Test Your Skills Against The Saints In The Clockwork City’s New Trial, Asylum Sanctorium

Trials have been a long-standing series of cooperative events in the Elder Scrolls Online where players can team up and test their mettle against powerful opponents in return for awesome rewards and symbols of power. The Clockwork City will hold a brand new Trial which showcases the true insanity and power of the mechanical beasts but with a little bit of a twist.

The Saints

Saint Olms

Once powerful and revered beings, The Saints were some of the most trusted members of the Tribunal temple and held status and influence far and wide. Unfortunately, three of the Saints have fallen victim to the Clockwork God, Sotha Sil, and his wild experimenting and machinations. These are going to be the foes that you must face, delving into the Trial in a coordinated team of twelve.

Saint Felms was once the patron of butchers and fishmongers who faced Nord invaders and drove them from Morrowind, slaying them in scores and saving the Dunmer people. Saint Llothis, the patron of tailors and dyers was a contemporary of the Tribunal and formulated the central rules and principles of the New Temple Faith. Finally, Saint Olms, the patron of chandlers and clerks, was the founder of the Ordinators and it was he who laid out the fundamentals of testing, ordeals and repentance.

All of these great Saints were driven mad as Sotha Sil experimented on their bodies and minds, and locked away their immortal souls into Black Soul Gems to fuel their mechanical prisons. Unsurprisingly, they began to get restless and dangerous, forcing Sotha Sil to lock them away within the Asylum Sanctorium, an intricate mechanical prison. But, as always the Saints are getting restless, which makes them even more dangerous. Luckily, you just happened to arrive.

The Twist

Asylum Sanctorium

While there are three bosses hidden inside the Asylum Sanctorium, you do not have to fight all three Saints. For you see, it kind of becomes similar to those choose-your-own-adventure books that I at least, read as a child. The only Saint you must defeat is Saint Olms, and lucky us he is the giant dragon monster. You can bypass Llothis and Felms entirely but it has a consequence.

Each Saint you do not defeat will return in the final conflict with Saint Olms, making that last fight much, much harder, but more fun in an intense kind of way.

Come On Over, The Asylum Has Loot

Defeating the Asylum Sanctorium will grant special weapon sets known as the Asylum weapons which has a simple yet practical ring to it. These weapons are similar to the Master weapons you can get from the Dragonstar Arena. These weapons are badass and come in two forms; Perfected, which drops from Veteran difficulty and Normal which drops from Normal difficulty.

Not only that but there are special Runeboxes available as an ultra-rare drop after completing the Veteran Hard mode. These Runeboxes will present to you a special polymorph, known as a Clockwork Reliquary, which will transform your character into a mechanical factotum.

The Clockwork City will be available November 7th 2017 for consoles and October 23rd for PC. However, for PC users, it is currently available as part of the PTR. Hope to see you all in the Clockwork City.


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