Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Foetracer

“I see you.”

Have you ever wanted to be rewarded for attacking enemies? Well if so, the Foetracer is the helmet that keeps on giving, even going so far as to boost your damage, with all weapon types. I mean how great is that!

The Foetracer is a neutral Hunter Exotic helmet that holds the Intrinsic perk Relentless Tracker, which visually marks targeted enemies. Targeting an enemy simply means having any one of your weapons placed over a compatible target, meaning one that you can shoot. You do not have to ads for this targeting procedure to begin, simply having the gun pointed will mark them. You can tell that an enemy is marked with the appearance of an ‘X’ like symbol that will present itself on their torso. Easy enough. Relentless Tracker will also deal more damage to low-health marked enemies, which is a bonus no matter which way you cut it. This part of Relentless Tracker will only work on low-health tagged enemies, meaning those that have taken quite a bit of damage already. This will be incredibly effective on Major and Ultra level enemies, not to mention against opposing Guardians in the Crucible, with a little extra boost to damage right at the end.

The targeting granted by Relentless Tracker allows Guardians to see your opponents through walls but will only apply to one enemy at a time. You can switch targets at will, and the visual tracker will remain active for about six seconds but only one enemy can be tracked at a time.


Like I mentioned above, the Foetracer is perfect for applying a little bit of extra damage to opponents as they get lower in health, allowing for a quicker kill or to eliminate them before they manage to duck into cover. This is incredibly truthful for Crucible encounters, with smarter players knowing when they have overextended and when it is time to retreat. In my personal experience, I have missed scoring kills because they duck behind cover a split second before the killing bullet would have hit them. Not really a problem with Foetracers, for so long as they are marked, which if you are aiming at them they should be, they will fall victim to increased damage when their health gets lower.

The same tactical advantage could be said for the visual tracker, which tracks them even behind walls. You can be kept apprised of their movements, and quite possibly, which direction they are facing. It is not a guaranteed win every time but it is still a valuable addition to your battle info. These benefits extend to the larger enemies in PVE, such as Public Event bosses, Strike bosses etc, with lower health encompassing a bit more with their larger health bars. It could seriously shave down time when battling against these behemoths, especially if you are utilising a high damage weapon.


The Foetracer can be gained from an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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