Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Orpheus Rig

Never, ever, look back.

The Orpheus Rig is the perfect Exotic for the Nightstalker Hunter, especially if they are one who is fond of using their abilities. The Orpheus Rig really promotes and encourages ability use by massively boosting everything that makes the Nightstalker a Void powerhouse.

The Orpheus Rig utilises the perk Uncanny Arrows, which provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot Anchors. This perk is a lot more beneficial than it may sound for each enemy tethered adds a bit more instant recharge to all three of your abilities. So if you use your Tether like I do, where it is fired into a horde of rampaging enemies, you should have all your abilities recharged by the time the Void clears. No matter which way you cut it, Uncanny Arrows is one of the best Nightstalker Exotics, especially in higher level activities, where you may need your abilities up a lot quicker than the recharge would normally allow. I tell you, I live for my invisibility. It’s also why I love using the Rat King on my Hunter but I digress.


The Orpheus Rig really only benefits you if you intend to use your Super quite often, otherwise, it can end up unused for a lot of the time. Many Supers are saved for that one crucial moment where they will make the most difference or the biggest boom in the case of Voidwalkers and Strikers and while it won’t be detrimental to your Hunter, there could be other Exotic armour pieces that will get more use. That is not to say it is bad Exotic but one that just waits in the wings for the perfect conditions to activate.

The Orpheus Rig is the perfect combo for delivering heavy damage, especially to large groups of tethered enemies especially combined with the multiple firable arrows that means you can massively increase the spread. Think about it, you use your grenade, or melee or dodge, you encounter a large group of foes, Shadowshot gets activated and you clear them up with another grenade, freshly recharged. It essentially boosts the tactical capability of the Nightstalker.

In a PVP/Crucible setting the Orpheus Rig gets a bit more effective, given how team shooty Destiny 2 really is. Your abilities are crucial in the heat of the Crucible and to get a massively increased instant recharge on them could lead to your Hunter having an advantage in the next encounter or could contribute to a team wipe. Either way the Orpheus Rig is a good thing.


The Orpheus Rig can be gained from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory or from an Exotic Engram decryption.

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