Destiny 2

Seasons Will Bring Variation And Special Events To Destiny 2

Bungie has finally detailed what Seasons will encompass in Destiny 2, being allocated time frames that will contain new gear rolls, events and different Clan rewards. Destiny 2 has kind of fizzled a little bit in regards to the Hardcore scene but Seasons will attempt to bring more content for players over the years. There are four scheduled Seasons for the first year of Destiny 2 with the second one possibly starting after PC players are firmly entrenched in the game. Before the second Season starts, however, we will be getting a second Iron Banner and a new Faction Rally.

Faction Rally Ornaments.png

In Season Two there will be new ornaments coming to the Faction Rally, Iron Banner and Trials of the Nine which will change up the appearance of the armour sets, especially when they are mixed and matched. These ornaments can be unlocked by special challenges that are tracked by the gear itself.

Faction Rally Season 2

Weapons will also be getting changes from Season to Season with perks being shuffled and altered to make the loot pool feel more varied and larger. Kinetic and Energy archetypes will also be getting a bit of a rearrangement, which is a great thing for the loot pool. This is a small change but one that could add a little bit more replayability and variability to Destiny 2.

Similarly, in regard to weapons, the change of Season is where Bungie will be implementing the biggest of their weapon balances, which will basically mean a new meta should be rocking up with each Season.

Clan progress will also be reset every single Season, providing a level ground for both smaller and larger clans. Many of you may have already maxed out their clan ranks and experiencing the full benefits of the clan perks. Each Season will bring a different looking clan banner and a different series of perks.

Exotic ShipsSeason 2 GhostsExotic Sparrow

With each new Season, the Eververse will be getting a revamp of ships, sparrows and ghosts that will be unavailable in the previous seasons. It is important to remember that Bright Engrams will still be easily acquirable so you will not have to shell out any real money to get some of the sweet, sweet loot.

There will also be special Events that will occur during each Season such as Clarion Calls, which are global events that will offer a large experience boost, such as a 2XP bonus for playing with a clan member. On top of that, it was announced that the three-week winter event known as The Dawning will be making a return, bringing a slate of amazing new armour and gear.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Gear.png

Bungie also appears to be listening to the community and will be making changes to Iron Banner in Season 2. One of the biggest complaints with Iron Banner was that gear was too random and in a way quite unrewarding for players. From Season 2 onward, Iron Banner gear will be purchasable with Tokens and Legendary Shards.

Bungie appears to be making a noticeable step in trying to make the content droughts less excruciating and boring. It will definitely add some variety and increase the fun factor but it seems to be aimed more at the casual crowd, much like a lot of Destiny 2.

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