Battleborn’s Fall Update Is Here And Brings Amazing Borderlands Skins In A Final Homage For Fans

So in a truly heartwrenching move for many fans, including myself, Battleborn has officially released its final content update for the game. Entitled, the Fall Update, this has brought a few relatively minor balance changes into the game, as well as some pretty awesome skins from Borderlands, another Gearbox title you really should have heard of by now. While this Fall Update brings a lot of cool new Taunts, Finishers and skins, it is a bittersweet moment with it signalling Battleborn going on life support.

Tiny Tina Orendi

But let us not talk about the sad things, but the great new skins brought with the Fall Update, namely all the Borderlands themed customisations that pay homage to another great Gearbox title.

Zer0 Rath

Featured in the Fall Update are skins for Orendi, Rath, El Dragon, ISIC, Caldarius and Alani, which feature some pretty popular and recognisable characters from Borderlands. My personal favourite would have to be a wonderful tribute to the best Vault Hunter of them all (you can fight me if you don’t agree), Zer0. Featuring his glowing laser blade and random emotes on his mask, it is truly well designed.

ISIC Claptrao

Claptrap also makes an appearance with the Fall Update bring his trademark dark humour and ever so slight depression to our favourite nihilistic and also slightly depressed AI, ISIC. One of the best things about this skin series is the titles of each of the customisation, which provide a reference to Borderlands in an additional homage to the series.

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Also featured were Maya, a generic Psycho (albeit a very macho one) and a really colourful design featuring the elemental gun company, Maliwan. Battleborn may have had a rough time but it is still a great game with a wonderful community and the Fall Update definitely shows that it was a labour of love.

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