What Are Assassins Creed Origins’ Papyrus Scrolls? Solving The Scroll Puzzle Of The Temple Of Sekhmet.

Papyrus Scrolls are little puzzles that can be found hidden in some of the bigger and more iconic public buildings in Assassins Creed Origins. When you enter an area that has one of these scrolls, a notification will pop on the side, similar to when you enter a restricted area. Finding the scroll will prompt a short riddle that you need to solve in order to complete this mini-objective. This riddle can be accessed at any time through your Inventory menu.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171027183636

But is all this riddle solving worth it? Well if you value getting high-quality loot and gear as a result of your Egyptian sleuthing, then yes it is worth it. The very first (and only) Papyrus Scroll I solved resulted in the Legendary Golden Wolf sword dropping for me. It easily became the best weapon I possessed and looks absolutely elegant.

It could very well be that Papyrus Scroll puzzles are a way to acquire some pretty tough loot whether it is Legendary or not. Personally, I am after the Legendary horse known as Meri-Amun or ‘Beloved of Amun’. But if you want to skip some of the riddling for the first Papyrus found in the Temple of Sekhmet at Yamu then read on but be warned spoilers are ahead.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171027182526

To solve the Papyrus Scroll of the Temple of Sekhmet, you must travel North-West as the riddle commands. You may need to travel around a bit as the riddle does not specify from what point at the Temple you must travel from.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171027183606

You will eventually stumble upon a kind of outpost surrounded by palm trees in the midst of the unforgiving desert. It is quite a beautiful contrast. Within this area, you must find a patch of grass that is completely surrounded by a rock wall with no exit. Leap over the wall and scout around the grass to find your prize. It is worth mentioning that you can tackle these Scroll Puzzles at any level and any gear you wish to keep can be brought up to your level by visiting a Blacksmith.

Happy puzzling Assassins.







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