Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Summon The Storm In Paladins OB62. The Orc Is Back!

With both console and PC versions of Paladins having been updated to OB61 and been gifted with the resurrecting rock giant, Terminus, it is now time to check out what is coming for OB62. And yes Grohk is BACK BABY!

Red Winter Tyra

You may remember from a few weeks ago when the Samba chest brought some Brazilian flair to Paladins. Well, in the same worldwide style, Russia has now taken the spotlight, primarily with Red Winter Tyra. Featuring a ushanka hat and a red slit cape, this Epic skin will be available through a very special chest. However, quite devastatingly Red War Tyra does not come with any Epic weapon, only the outfit and accessory (bear not included).

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Keeping with the Russian theme is a series of four weapon skins, featuring the Russian eagle and a predominately red and regal colour scheme. Makoa, Ying, Evie and Buck all get the Russian treatment but I have to say I definitely like Ying’s mirror the most. The undisputed champ!!

World Wide Chest

Red War Tyra and the Russian styled weapons will all be found within the World Wide Chest, which comes to the Realm at 75 Crystals a roll. It also comes with a few other things including the Cangaceriro for Androxus. Within this chest will also be the Samba weapons from the Brazilian Chest and the Freedom Weapons that turn everything red, white and blue.

Fernando American ShieldOpen Striped Shield

Fernando has also had a rather large cosmetic change and one that has been a long time coming. Much like the change to Makoa which altered his accessory from his eyes to his shell, Fernando’s new accessory has been changed from his helmet to his shield, allowing for some awesome new shield designs and effects, both open and closed. Speaking of his altered accessory, he has joined the Freedom ranks with his Old Glory shield.

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Hi-Rez has launched a new campaign drawing in amazing community artists to design unique Spray art. Featuring adorable chibi designs, these Sprays can only be equipped and used by the characters they feature. For example, you cannot play Ash and use a Tyra chibi Spray. It sucks but it can make it a little more unique to main a champ.

Grohk In-Game

Well, I do not think it should be put off any longer, Grohk is BACK. With the arrival of OB62 Grohk will have gained a full visual rework that makes him appear taller and absolutely shredded. All of his skins up to this point, namely Tribal, have been tweaked to fit his more powerful stature.

Grohk Totem

His Totem has been made more aggressive looking and quite frankly, cooler. It also has come with a larger health supply making it a lot harder to destroy so let that healing flow.

Grohk Updated Effects

Grohk has finally stepped into the full role of the Lightning Orc and his staff definitely shows it, with a more aggressive lightning expulsion and a bit more ammo to boot.

Paladins Portrait Rework

On the topic of reworks, the Portraits for Paladins have been given a spice up, with a lot of characters given an impressive artistic makeover. This is not going to affect gameplay at all but it is nice to see the characters getting a more polished look that kind of shows off their personalities.

VIP Rewards

Grohk Slide

Ever since the VIP program was announced, Hi-Rez have been throwing a steady stream of new VIP content into the mix and the VIP content for this patch has even more Grohk love with a Legendary Emote. The Grohk Slide sees our newly returned Lightning Orc do a rather graceful dance that will only stop when you want it to stop. It is time to celebrate Grohk!

Shatterstar Legendary Weapon

Jenos is also getting a bit of VIP love with a new Legendary Weapon, known as Shatterstar. This may seem familiar to Androxus players who have access to a very similar gun known as Shattermaw. Equipped with the same sound and reload effects, as well as the shattering death effect, the Shatterstar fits in with the mystery and magic associated with Jenos.

OB62 comes with a large spree of balance and character changes so if you wish to check those out, they are available on the OB62 Megathread. Check to see if your favourite Champion has been hit, whether for good or for ill.

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