Horizon Zero Dawn

New Machines Await In Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

With the arrival of The Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, new as well as familiar machines will be making an aggressive appearance in the frozen borderlands of the Banuk. Players will encounter familiar machines such as the Thunderjaw, Rockbreaker and Snapmaw, each seemingly at home in their new icy biome.

While there are most likely going to be more machines to discover in The Frozen Wilds, one that has got me quite hyped and afraid is the Scorcher. A trailer released on the official PlayStation YouTube channel details the deadly speed and sheer ferocity of this new machine.

With a composite body that derives inspiration from wolves, cheetahs, coyotes and other four-legged predators, the Scorcher combines raw speed with a series of devastating fire-based attacks. One attack that is shown off in the trailer is an ignition boost which sees the Scorcher blast itself forward toward Aloy in an attempt to strike her with its claws.

With over fifteen hours of additional story content to experience, where we will uncover a dangerous new mystery, we will probably be encountering a lot more than one Scorcher, scorching its way across the ice. Not to mention, the official Frozen Wilds lists that we will face new machines, implying that there is more than simply the Scorcher to be worried about. My hope is something that emulates the Tallnecks in terms of size, a new machine that is slow but has powerful aoe and ranged attacks.

The Frozen Wilds will be released for PlayStation 4 on November 7th, 2017.


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