Phylake Hunting In Assassins Creed Origins: The Search For Legendary Loot

Early in the campaign of Assassins Creed Origins, you will encounter an assassination target known as Gennadios the Phylakitai. Killing him will prompt his dying revelation that the Phylakitai will never stop hunting you and they are powerful enemies that will attack you on sight if you aren’t careful. But what if you turned the tables on them and decided to make them the hunted? Well, it will turn into a shower of Legendary loot with an awesome new outfit at the end of the murder-filled road.

Killing any of the Phylakes’ will prompt a level 40 quest to begin, which may be quite tough to beat depending on where you are at in the game. Now the goal is simple, you must find and kill all ten Phylakitai as they roam Egypt. It is not all doom and gloom in this regard, as if you zoom in on your map, you can scout for them. They are blaring red, horned symbols in case you were wondering. Each of these has a special name, as most bosses do, like the Iron Ram. Each of these Phylakitai have a set level so you can gain experience and decide to take them on when the odds are more heavily in your favour.

Each Phylake will drop a piece of Legendary loot that is scaled to their level. For example, the Iron Bull will drop a level 40 piece of Legendary gear. So there is a total of ten Legendary items to be collected throughout the course of your murderous quest. Not only that, but some Phylakitai will drop special keys that will be integral in you collecting your prize.

Tip: If the enemy is too difficult, consider dealing damage from a distance, riding and slicing at them with a blade while mounted, or undertaking stealth attacks and running away until they are dead.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171103165621
Once all ten Phylakitai lie dead in the dust (make sure to confirm your kills) a letter will open up telling you about the leader of the Phylakitai, Abar, who is located near Herakleion.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171103170156

Once in Herakleion, Abar will want proof of your status as a Medjay and a protector after which you are required to clear out a nest of crocodiles that are tormenting the village. Depending on your level you may want to stay clear and take them out with ranged weapons as some of them are level 40. Once the crocs are dead, you must return to Abar who will give you the final key to her treasure stash.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171103170934
Hidden just below the surface of the water a short distance away from Herakleion will be your prize. Open the chest to be rewarded with the Legendary outfit, the Black Cobra which looks badass!

Good luck Assassins. 

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