Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Prospector Exotic Review

“Some things should stay buried.”

It took me the longest time to finally get this Exotic grenade launcher and after months of hearing how great it was, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Sounds great, looks gorgeous and is significantly powerful!

This incredibly ornate Exotic comes with the Intrinsic perk Excavation, which allows the grenades to be fired simultaneously by holding down the trigger. Upon release, all fired grenades will detonate simultaneously in an impressive explosion. This perk is exciting simply because of the prospect (get it?) for setting traps for hostile forces and being able to take them out all at once.  The Trait for the Prospector is known as Full Auto Trigger System which allows for an incredibly fast damage output that is optimal for Majors and Ultras. Having a full auto grenade launcher is never a bad thing especially when the weapon in question has a magazine of eight grenades. But you can still use the Prospector like any normal grenade launcher and fire the shots one at a time, which will still do high damage.

The Prospector also comes with Volatile Launch which greatly increases blast radius at the cost of a slightly decreased handling and projectile speed, which isn’t exactly a bad tradeoff. It also comes with Augmented Drum which greatly increases magazine size but greatly decreases reload speed. I have to say the reload speed does not seem too terrible, I mean it could be faster, but the fact is you are running around with eight grenades per magazine, which is plenty of stopping power. The only problem with reloading will come in with the full auto perk, with you being able to fire all eight grenades in the blink of an eye. Just pay attention when firing the Prospector. Finally, the Prospector comes with Hand-Laid Stock which increases stability and it is definitely a necessity on a full auto Power Weapon, allowing you to consistently and precisely hit your targets without much trouble.


Prospector In Game

At the end of the day, the Prospector is more than just an Exotic, it is an incredibly powerful grenade launcher leaving it plenty of room for domination in both PVE and PVP activities. The full auto and delayed explosions each compliment the other in a perfect synchronicity that can take some skill to make the most of but can deliver spectacular results. In a PVE setting or wherever you will face enemies with a ton of health, the ability to deliver high damage in a short space of time will only be your ally, particularly in timed Nightfalls or Public Events. Otherwise, it will function like a powerful grenade launcher with a large blast radius, able to extinguish the life of many lesser enemies in a single blow.

But Crucible is where the fun could really begin, as it seems like one of those weapons, much like the Tractor Cannon where skill and enjoyment collide. The fact that you can hold off on the explosion means you can set traps for the enemy team, fire a few grenades into a hallway or an entrance you know they are going to come down and wait for the perfect time to detonate and get a multi-kill. The only problem with this is that you’ll have to fire every one of your grenades to lay this trap, one of the downsides to full auto. Or you could just use the Prospector to lay down a blanket of bouncing grenades into a room and hope you score a kill or two. Either way, the Prospector is up there with one of my new favourite Exotics. It is up there with Vigilance Wing and Graviton Lance!


The Prospector can be acquired through an Exotic Engram decryption or from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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