New Overwatch Support Hero Announced. Meet Moira, A Talon Geneticist!

Blizzcon is here and with it has arrived some pretty cool news with a new character reveal for Overwatch. Moira is a Talon agent that appears to combine several heroes all into one powerful scientific force.

Based on the trailer, she appears to utilise two forms of energy, a healing one and a damaging one, which glows yellow and purple respectively. Her kit is heavily focused on this dual nature basically marking her as a dps support which is quite cool! Based on the trailer, Moira will most likely be able to switch her role at will, giving her access to the other side of her kit.

Moira Damage Beam

For her main damage source, Moira utilises her Biotic Grasp a close range beam of purple energy that zones in on a target, slowly whittling down their health, kind of similar to Symmetra’s weapon. This also serves to heal Moira and replenish her Biotic energy.

Moira Bouncing Ball of Death

In keeping with the damage theme, Moira has a purple ricocheting ball of death known as the Biotic Orb that bounces off hard surfaces and emitting a damaging beam when it is close to an enemy or enemies. This makes it ideal for dealing with campers or other annoying heroes hiding in tough to reach places. I mean it’s just geometry.

Moira Healing Mist

Switching to the healing side of her dual nature, Moira can use the healing portion of her Biotic Grasp that can heal one or two heroes, depending on how close they are together. This mist will probably have a decent healing rate probably similar to Mercy’s staff.

Moira Healing Disco Ball

But for group heals, Moira utilises her Biotic Orb once again to create a flying disco ball of healing, that targets a few allies and provides them with much-needed repair. This healing ball will float along in the direction that it is fired and heal allies as it passes through.

Moira also seems to be equipped with a short-range teleport known as Fade to disappear and reappear in a very Reaper-y fashion allowing for quick getaways or repositioning.

Moira Ult

Finally, Moira combines all her energy into Coalescence, a dual purpose ult which sees her fire a large controllable beam that heals allies and damages your opponents heavily. This is going to be a wonderful thing to use, especially on those pesky choke points where everyone is bunched up together. Definitely a game changer.

Being the lover of Support champs that I am, I cannot wait to get my hands on Moira and try out her crazy biotic healing. As with all Overwatch characters, Moira will be released in the PTR first and then will be released officially on both PC and Consoles.


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