Horizon Zero Dawn

How To Get Started In The Frozen Wilds, Horizon Zero Dawn’s First DLC

The first DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn went live mere minutes ago and it can be a little confusing with regards to starting the new adventure. If you have completed the game, you will remember the Grave Hoard, the treasures and mysteries of the past civilisation laid bare for your exploratory pleasure.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171107000818

Well, the way into Banuk lands is just past the Grave Hoard, slightly to the left to be exact. Get as close as you can to the top of the map, there will be a new undiscovered Tallneck in the vicinity. Follow the path towards the Grave Hoard which will eventually lead you to a new Campfire, alongside a blue-lit torch which will be a common theme in the lands of the Banuk.

Simply climb the ridge to meet a Banuk envoy, who will essentially start you off on your quest into The Frozen Wilds. Continue through into the Cut where you will have your first encounter with a new machine, known as a Scorcher. This is an incredibly fast, fire-based machine who you should stay at a distance from or try to stun all the time. Trust me.

There are four new machines to be discovered in The Frozen Wilds as well as old favourites which have a new form known as Daemonic, which covers them in purple tubes/veins/wires and as a result, makes them tougher, with higher elemental resistances.

Make sure to wear something warm and have fun in The Frozen Wilds.




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