Assassins Creed Origins

Face Anubis In The First Trial Of The Gods In Assassins Creed Origins

The first limited time event for Assassins Creed Origins has arrived. Trials of the Gods is a special challenge designed for the very best fighters and Assassins that Egypt has to offer where Bayek will face Animus generated Egyptian deities. This weeks offering is Anubis, the god of embalming and mummification.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171108131436

You do want to bring your A-game for this one though Assassins as it can be quite challenging if a little repetitive. Strong bows are recommended for this fight, as well as the upgrade that increases your bow damage as much of the fight will see you dodging Anubis’ attacks and flinging arrows into the glowing portion of his torso.

Assassin's Creed® Origins_20171108131633

On the topic of attacks, there are some things to expect from the jackal-headed god. Firstly, he will cause shadowy hyenas to charge you, which are easily avoided but should not be hit with a sword, as it will damage you. You can take them out from a distance with a bow but you are going to want to keep as many arrows as possible for Anubis himself. He will also use a wave-like shadow which will sweep across an area beginning at the god and fanning out. Try and avoid this at all costs, as it does a lot of damage over time while you remain in it.

Fast forward the fight and Anubis will summon warriors wearing jackal masks to fight you, which will be done in a sealed circle of bones. You do not have a lot of space here, so make sure you utilise your dodges, parries and try and use your best equipment.

Since Trials of the Gods is an endgame activity it is set at level 40, so you have a week to try and get into that ballpark and acquire a piece of the Anubis gear set. Anubis will return later on, as a recurring boss, alongside other powerful Egyptian gods and goddesses. Personally, I am just excited to fight Sekhmet!

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