Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins OB63 Full Auto Brings A New Damage Champ And Some Great Content Changes.

I apologise for the delay in getting this out but I went to see Thor: Ragnarok with my girlfriend yesterday and it is highly recommended!! Anyways, OB63 is a huge patch that brings new cosmetics and skins as well as a brand new character and a fair number of big quality of life changes!

All The Loot In All The Chests

Gold Chest

Hi-Rez have completely revamped the Chest system in Paladins with the removal of the Champion, Weapons and Flair chests, instead replaced by the Gold and Diamond chests which not only consolidate all the acquirable in-game gear but also provide it for an affordable price of 75 Crystals.

The Gold Chest will provide a series of three items, much like the Radiant, which can range from Rare skins/cosmetics to a large selection of Epic skins. If you are really lucky there is potential for you to walk away with three different Epic items in a single roll, so fingers crossed.

Diamond Chest

The higher tier Chest, which comes at the hefty price of 200 Crystals is the Diamond Chest, and provides players with a chance at gaining some of the best gear in Paladins, like Invader Pip and Replicant Ying. There is a much smaller pool of items in the Diamond Chest but they are all top-tier cosmetics. Furthermore, you will be able to unlock a roll of this chest every few weeks with a special new quest. Mounts will also be available in the Diamond Chest with the new Sapphire Charger charging in alongside the Crimson Charger.

There is a Guarantee mechanic in place with the Gold and Radiant Chests that will be available in OB63. Basically what this means is that after a certain number of Chest rolls you will be granted a guaranteed item, like an Epic cosmetic, or even a Legendary card. If RNG is with you, you can still earn a lot of high-quality items, but it provides something for those with not a lot of luck.

Continuing the chest reveals, there is a brand new Champion skin chest coming in OB63 entitled the Galaxy Chest. Now, this is not for the faint-hearted with each roll coming in at a massive 400 Crystals. I do not know if my wallet could handle that personally, but there are some great skins in it, none of which are low-tier cosmetics. Epics and Legendaries for everyone! It should also be mentioned that both the Galaxy and Diamond Chests will offer the entire skin, including the weapon in a single roll. No more having to hunt for collection-completing pieces, everything will be as it should and it really shows Hi-Rez is listening to their community.

So let’s go through what is on offer.

Dark Lord Torvald

Look familiar? The galaxy is definitely not safe with Dark Lord Torvald on the scene. Featuring a high tech, yet minimalistic gauntlet and an array of new effects, Dark Lord Torvald becomes the antithesis of our generally jolly Runic Sage.

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Red and black are his happy colours and his voice pack is amazing, low and controlled definitely gives him an evil feel and the red laser effects are wonderful in regards to his abilities and add to the overall effect!

Lex Renegade

Next up, also hidden in the Galaxy Chest is a reskin and recolour of the popular LEXO Suit, for Lex. Gone is his blue and silver look, which I liked a bit more, to be honest, it has been altered for a more aggressive red colour scheme.

Dune Crawler Cassie In-Game

The final new skin has to be my all-time favourite Cassie skin, which is, of course, Dune Crawler Cassie, where she dons the tools of the scavenging trade, which bears a striking resemblance to a rather popular franchise (cough cough Star Wars). The best thing about this is the rework of Zigs who has gotten a complete and total rework. Non-robot birds are so overrated anyways.

Dune Crawler Cassie Weapon

Oh and her bowcaster, I am sorry I mean crossbow fires electrically charged ammunition with the sound of a powerful laser gun and it is remarkable. This skin will make me want to get better with Cassie, no doubt about that.

Also hidden inside the Galaxy Chest is Nova Strike Kinessa, V1-KTOR, Star Slayer Ruckus and Replicant Ying. Definitely, some heavy hitters in this Chest but the 400 Crystal price tag may be too much.

Everyone Gets A Chibi!

Community Artist Sprays

Even more character specific chibi sprays have been unveiled this time for Willo, Fernando, Drogoz, Androxus and Maeve. Featuring adorable wide eyes and bold colours these sprays were designed by the same Community Artist as the first five, but there are other artists and other amazing designs coming soon.

Daily Logins And Quests

Daily Reward

If you have played Paladins in any shape or form, you will have seen the login bonus that slowly escalates in rewards per consecutive day you log in. We all strive for that coveted 35 Crystals at day seven, well no longer. That’s right, the 35 Crystals will no longer be a part of the login bonuses, instead being provided as part of a new Daily Quest system. Now the Daily Login bonuses still rotate on a seven day cycle but have an overall longer rotation, which goes on for 28 days. If a day is missed, it will not reset the cycle, instead continuing from the last point.

Every seven days, the rewards gained from Daily Quests will be bolstered by 25%, up to a total of 75% so it is quite important to not miss those days. I believe that is called synergy,

Daily Quests

So, Weekly Quests are going to be a thing of the past instead being replaced by Daily Quests which each offer their own rewards, including Crystals, which provides a more direct and controllable path towards game rewards. You may also have noticed the large quest which will persist over the entire 28 day period. If you manage to complete this, which is not going to be too difficult, you will be rewarded with a Diamond Chest roll. After 28 days, you will be granted another quest and another chance at the Diamond Chest.

The Frontline Pack

Front Line Pack

It is a good day to be a Front Line with the new Front Line Pack DLC being announced for Paladins, which grants five Legendary Keys, 10,000 VIP Points and five Radiant Chests, alongside a brand new skin for Fernando.

Enforcer Fernando WeaponEnforcer Fernando Shield

He has swapped out his trusty flamethrower for a lancing version of a police taser, which shoots arcs of electricity towards those resisting arrest. Not to mention his amazing police tape lined shield complete with flashing red and blue lights on the front, which activate when the shield is live. I have to say I prefer Fernando’s knight armour but I am in love with that shield and arc lance.

Front Line Victory Spray

Also included in the Front Line Pack is a brand new Legendary spray that I assume we will be seeing with the other classes soon! My Supports need some love. Anyways, the Victory Spray will track the number of wins you get as a Front Line after you acquire it. Unfortunately, it is not retroactive and so if you have had a hot win streak as a Front Line in the past, they will not count with this Dynamic Spray. But it is still an awesome item and one that will definitely lead to some bragging.

Still Hi-Rez, some love for Supports would be wonderful!!

Let’s Talk About VIP

Crime Fighter Shalin

If you didn’t sing that above subtitle to the tune of “Let’s talk about Sex” then I am disappointed but I digress. There is not a lot coming to the VIP store this patch which I can kind of understand with the vast amount of other content but first off we have Crime Fighter Sha Lin.

Crime Fighter Sha Lin In-GameCrime Fighter Sha Lin Bow

Does anyone else get a very Daredevil vibe from this skin? The sheer amount of red and the covered face seems like a dead giveaway, but it functions so well with Sha Lin, and his recurve bow. It is simply amazing and the added kicker is that a small light begins flashing on the bow when it is fully drawn which is a great visual indication of firing status.

Jiggity Jig Torvald Emote

But that isn’t all for Torvald is getting some love with a new Legendary Emote, Jiggity Jig, which is basically a very flamboyant tap dance. Torvald is quite nimble for such an old man I must say.

HRX Bundle

HRX Skin Bundle

With a large, limited edition flair, there is a new bundle that will be arriving soon known as the HRX Bundle, in celebration of Hi-Rez Expo in January 2018. Alongside 10,000 VIP Points, the HRX Bundle will provide four new skins: Coldsnap Strix, Silver Tongue Vivian, Expo 2018 Seris and HRX 2018 Drogoz, alongside two MVP poses for Drogoz and Seris.

HRX Paladins 2018

This pack will also provide a brand a unique Paladins World Championship Spray that, like everything else in this bundle will never be acquirable in the future. It is extremely limited so do not miss out.

Golden Booster Weapons

There are a series of temporary Booster Weapons for every Champion in Paladins, and they look simply wonderful!! Decked out in a gold, metallic finish, the real shame is the fact that they are temporary. They can be found in Radiant or Gold Chests or purchased directly for 60 Crystals or 6000 VIP Points for a three day rental.

The Booster Weapons are of extreme value as they provide a 100% bonus to your character experience, a 50% bonus to account experience and a 50% bonus to your gold gain. Not to mention they provide a 20% bonus to every member of your team…and they stack. What this means is that if everyone in your squad is rocking a golden weapon, you will be getting a grand total of 200% character experience, which is enormous.

Vivian, The Cunning

Vivian In-Game

Finally, we have a brand new damage champion and she is definitely a formidable one. Vivian is known as the Cunning and believe me, that is not an empty title.

Vivian Light Machine Gun

Vivian utilises a Light Machine Gun, with a massive 80 bullet clip to tear apart her foes. She can comfortably shred any enemy with one magazine and still have plenty of bullets left over.

Precision Sights

On and get this, she can aim down sights, which makes Vivian even more lethal at longer ranges. She has a very practical and effective kit that will make her a nightmare of damage-dealing capability.

Sensor DroneSensor Drone Sights

She also comes equipped with a Sensor Drone which reveals all enemies to Vivian if they are in the general area of the Drone. This can be effective for hunting Flanks, or just to prepare yourself for any surprises that may await out on the battlefield.

Deflector Shield

Now Vivian is a very self-preserving individual, and she tends to look after her self first and others only if convenient. This is emphasised with her Deflector Shield which covers the top half of her body and provides protection from critical hits for a short time. Vivian can fire through this shield while it is active making her even more vicious.

Vivian Sentinel

Finally, we come to her Ult known as Sentinel, which activates two Sentinel Drones to float by her side. This ultimate is different to all others as it can be effectively permanent if you play it well. How it works is that the Sentinels float by Vivian’s head and fire whenever she does, dealing additional damage to her targets. The only way to stop her Ult is to destroy the Sentinels or to kill Vivian but since she can generate more Ultimate while they are active, you may see them make a triumphant return a short while later.

OB63 is going to be a huge patch for Paladins and adds a lot of great new content to the game. It is nice to see Hi-Rez listening to the community and adapting new changes.

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