Destiny 2

First Curse Of Osiris Livestream Teases Brand New Story, Weapon Forging And Raid Lairs!

The first of three Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris livestreams has come and gone and left us (or at least me) with even more hype and a longing to get my hands on some sweet new Osiris themed weapons. I do warn you now though because there are a few spoilers that I will be talking about in the paragraphs that follow.

The new story follows Osiris, the exiled Vanguard Warlock who delved into the Vex network to study them and their apparent random goals. But the Vex have an ultimate plan, they were just waiting for the right conditions to be met. Unfortunately, one of those conditions was for the Traveler to re-awaken, spreading its Light to the farthest corners of the solar system.

It Can See The Light

Now, all sorts of angry past, present and future Vex are descending aggressively into our Solar System with a cutscene vaguely showing off a new entity that can see Light. Both Osiris and the Vex are hunting for something drastically important to the future of our worlds and our Guardians will be intrinsic in that hunt.


One of the cooler things about this new expansion is the fact that we have a wisecracking new Ghost, or at least Osiris does with Segira, a female Ghost who believes that Guardians take themselves waaaay too seriously. It is the first time in Destiny that a Ghost, other than ours has been given a voice and personality. Well, Segira is found in our timeline, as a ‘lost’ Ghost after Osiris opens a Vex gate and throws her through it in order to keep her safe. It did not go well, however, as Segira was shot on the way out and left, forgotten, in the sands of Mercury. This is how we learn of Osiris’ plight.

Present Time Mercury

Speaking of Mercury, Guardians will get a brand new explorable area, set on Mercury and one simple Vex gate away from entering a re-decorated Lighthouse, with a bunch of new features and faces to stare at. Exiting the Lighthouse will lead you to the outside of Mercury, a destination set in the present timeline and assailed by Vex and surviving Cabal. You can still make out the Almighty in the background.

Infinite ForestInfinite Forest Trees

If you delve through that Vex gate in the background you will enter a whole new wave of Vexiness. Welcome to the Infinite Forest, a reality simulator set at the core of Mercury where the Vex alter time and determine every possible reality and simulation. The Infinite Forest is vast and you will see the Vex going about their dastardly plans in real time.

Dark Future Mercury

You will also have access to special nodes, through towering structures known as Trees, which lead the Guardians to different futures the Vex have discovered, such as the Dark Future, which is a solar system with a burnt out sun (really stretching the Solar part) and devoid of everything except the Vex.

The Forge

But, in our timeline, one of the features that has gotten me quite excited is Weapon Forging, which will give us access to specialised weapons straight from Osiris’ armory. For you see, when Osiris was exiled, he only took a limited amount of gear with him but was able to augment his armaments with the knowledge gained from the Vex, leading to some very cool aesthetics and most likely, cool perks as well. Each weapon is acquired through an optional quest after the campaign is completed and tracked on this giant stone glyph wheel. Every quest you complete and weapon you gained is another hologram on the wall.

Based on the fact that there are twelve nodes, we are most likely going to see every weapon type get some love from Osiris.

Leviathan Raid Menu

Players were understandably confused with the first reveal of Curse of Osiris due to the announcement of new Raid Content that wasn’t an actual Raid. Well, Raid Lairs are now official, with them being additional areas of the huge Leviathan ship that still orbits Nessus.

Raid Lair

Raid Lairs are smaller scale end game content that has new encounters to face, new loot to earn and a brand new end boss to triumph over. They are designed to be incredibly challenging with the general consensus being that you will die a lot, but are also designed to be a little shorter than the regular Raid. The first Raid Lair, which will be arriving with Curse of Osiris is known as Leviathan, Eater of Worlds and sees six players descend into the belly of the beast. Another Raid Lair is scheduled for the second Destiny 2 expansion which will feature Rasputin.

Exo Disciples

The past, present and future will all collide in Curse of Osiris which is released December 5th, 2017. The hype is real, and I look forward to having all my questions that I have held on to since the first day of Destiny answered.

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