More Details Revealed For Khora, A New Eidolon And Grineer Ghouls Are Coming To The Plains

In the latest Warframe Devstreamwe got a few new details about the new Warframe that is making its way into the game. Khora was revealed in Devstream 100 to basically be a deadly cat lady utilising an exalted whip.

Khora can also summon her very own Kavat to assist her in battle and can alter her damage output during the course of battle from Impact, Slash or Puncture. This will function in a similar way to Ivara’s Quiver ability, meaning players will be able to cycle through each damage type granting a lot more freedom and flexibility in terms of gameplay. Also, a cool bonus is that Khora will alter her shape with each different damage type selected which will be a practical solution, gameplay-wise.

One of Khora’s abilities will generate a guaranteed proc of her currently equipped damage type, which, like mentioned above will allow for tighter situational control during combat. They have not locked down the Quest that will be undertaken to gain Khora but it is a high possibility that it will be Syndicate based. My guess would be Steel Meridian.

There will also be a change in relation to the different damage types, with regards to how they will scale depending on your damage output;

Impact: A proc will cause your foe to stagger. The severity of the stagger will be determined by the amount of damage you deal, to the point where you could knock your opponent down or even ragdoll them.

Puncture: You will be able to make your enemies do 90% reduced damage based on your weapon modding.

Slash: No solid mention of changes coming but it was stated that they would take a look at the number of stacked Slash procs you can have with the new scaling system.

Something Wicked Lies Under Your Feet

Grineer Ghouls.png

A new Grineer enemy will be making their way onto the Plains of Eidolon and they are simply ghoulish. Or complexly ghoulish. Either way, the Grineer Ghouls are going to be a formidable opponent. These new opponents are incubated below ground and burst out of the ground in a decisive ambush fashion.

So far there are five types of Grineer Ghouls, three of which we have seen gameplay of so far. One utilises (shootable) explosives on their arms to propel themselves at the player, one is fond of using twin flamethrowers and the final gameplay-revealed Ghoul utilises a goddamn buzzsaw, which was revealed to be an acquirable weapon next year.

Of the two that remain, one utilises twin drills on his hands, while a much larger Ghoul has a long, hooked tongue that will put Kiss to shame. Whether all of the new Grineer Ghoul types will make it to the Plains this year is yet to be seen, but hopefully, there will at least be one or two.

Behold, The Megalyst


With the release of Plains of Eidolon for consoles this week, you may have encountered, or even taken down, a few Eidolon Teralysts under the cover of night. Well, a brand new (and more dangerous) Eidolon known as a Megalyst will be eventually stomping its way onto the Plains.

A more dangerous variant, the Megalyst utilises a giant rock arm instead of a tree with some new attacks and a different gameplay approach to taking it down. Apparently, the Megalyst will require you to get right up close at some points and really far away at others, adding to the thrill of the hunt. Either way, they will still be a challenge to bring down.

There also may be a possibility, somewhere down the road, for it to be possible to see two Eidolon on the Plains at once. Think of the glory after taking down two at once!

I am incredibly excited to see more of Khora and how devastating her selectable damage types will be against all the different Warframe enemies. She has the potential to be an incredibly versatile frame!

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