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Hands-On With Moira, Overwatch’s New Support Hero

Moira is the latest Support to be added to Overwatch and has officially been released on all platforms for a few days now. This, of course, makes it really hard to lock her down in matches, unless there is an Arcade mode bypassing normal hero restrictions. Trust me when I say it is a wonderful thing having five Moiras and a Reinhardt on a team. That Tank never goes down!

Moira has a very strong kit that isn’t as OP as first thought (unless of course they are everywhere spraying that yellow mist and healing everyone) but a truly effective use of her requires you to be aware of your surroundings and to the needs of your team.

Moira’s healing Biotic Grasp will most likely be your main source of healing and is really only effective at close range and she does not have an ability like Guardian Angel to zoom in on someone no matter where they are. Biotic Grasp sprays a yellow mist that can heal multiple allies if they are sticking really, really close together, which in payload situations actually happens more often than you may think. She does not have unlimited healing in this fashion, however, due to the ability having a charge. This charge or stored energy is enough to top up several allies health in one go but once it is out, you can either wait an extraordinarily long time for it to regen on its own or use the damaging Biotic Grasp to recharge it.

For you see, in a delightfully synergistic ability use, Moira’s healing mist is replenished by absorbing health from enemies with her main damage attack. This Biotic Grasp is also a close-range attack, which makes it ideal for payload escorting, tight corridors and Point attacking/defending. Biotic Grasp is almost a set and forget deal, with you activating it on a target and simply having to follow them with your reticle to deal damage. As long as they do not move out of your range you will be golden. The downside to this ability aside from the range is that due to how close Moira must be to her target other heroes can often spot her and kill her rapidly, like D-Va, Reaper or Soldier 76. But this negative is offset by sticking with your team, or only going after targets that are weaker or not paying attention.

Moira’s Fade is her short range teleport that is similar to Reaper’s Shadow Step, except that it has a much shorter range and you can fully control your direction. When you step into Fade, you have about two seconds to relocate yourself before you become visible once again. In a way, it is kind of a combination between Sombra and Reaper. Used either aggressively or defensively Fade is a useful tool in Overwatch allowing you to sneak up on a target, gain a little bit of a boost when pursuing an enemy or ally, or to use as a last-ditch escape effort. Do not underestimate how shocking it can be to have Moira appear right next to an opponent and deal significant damage before your enemy can formulate a counter.

Even better you can try to turn a sticky situation into an advantageous one by utilising Fade and then quickly backtracking behind your enemy so now you are the one attacking them. Just got to think on your feet.

Moira Biotic Orb

Moira also has her Biotic Orbs, both a healing version and a damage dealing version which enables her to function semi-effectively at range. They both will travel in a straight line until they bounce off a hard surface making them very open to strategic placement and angle knowledge. They also have the added bonus of being able to target multiple enemies/allies at a single time as they pass through an area which becomes advantageous in crowded areas of conflict.

Moira Damage Orb

When one of these Orbs are thrown, it will go on cooldown so you will not be able to toss another one out for a short while, making it important to note or to preempt what your team will need. Are the enemy team advancing and you can get some quick damage on them by throwing out a Damage Orb or is there a free for all going on around you and a little extra healing is needed? To be truly effective at Moira, you will need to read the battlefield like a book and just remember, the Damage Orb works wonders in very tight corridors and other close range spaces because the damage is almost constant on enemy combatants.

Finally, Moira’s Ultimate, Coalescence is an incredibly powerful and versatile ability that can also be quite situational to get the benefits of its dual nature out of it. Coalescence sees Moira send out a beam of energy that can heal your allies and damage your opponents at the same time. This was thought to be overpowered when first revealed but with the fast-paced combat of Overwatch, the odds of enemies and allies being perfectly lined up is very, very slim. That being said, you will still be able to damage or heal multiple members of both teams without difficulty, due to the ease of Ultimate control and with its versatility, you can simply focus on healing your team at certain points or focus solely on dealing heavy damage. Just be warned, you can still be killed during this ability as well as become Stunned or Hacked by Reinhardt and Sombra respectively.

Best Fit For Moira?

Moira is best described as a Support-Damage hybrid whose dual nature of healing and damage comes through with every ability she utilises. It is this dual nature, as well as the short but sweet benefits of her Fade that allow for many different playstyles to come forth through gameplay. Whether it is more aggressive style of hunting down stragglers and long range healing or a more close range approach, Moira fits the bill for many players. One thing is more certain with Moira, you have to have a certain level of skill to use her well, as well as an ability to read the flow of battle.

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