Destiny 2

Weapon Forging, New Adventures, Story Strikes And A Custom Public Event Await In Curse Of Osiris

Another day, another Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris livestream, this one detailing all of the new activities we can undertake while roaming around Mercury.

Weapon Forging

Forge Wall

Curse of Osiris will give Guardians the opportunity to acquire special weapons that Osiris himself has carried with him since his exile from the Tower, modified with special Vex technology that he adapted to his own. There are eleven weapons in total, each with a small Quest to undertake in order to acquire it.

Lost Prophecies

Brother Vance is the go-to for these Quests and he will have a rotating stock, presumably on a seven-day timer with a random assortment of Lost Prophecies. These Lost Prophecies only contain a few simple steps to complete and you will walk out with a maybe-not-so-shiny but still cool Osiris weapon.

Lost Prophecy Inventory

Once you select a Prophecy, it will become available in your Inventory, able to be read and dissected and most importantly, tell you what you need to do. In the case of Verse 3, you must collect Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and Advanced Paradox Amplifier, which can seem a little daunting, that you must find all of this stuff that is completely unknown. Well, if you click on details, Bungie have included a handy little picture guide of what the material looks like, as well as the places you will find it, in a bit of an attempt to reduce the grind.

This is a good move for players who want to just get the weapons as soon as possible, but then again it may make it a little too easy, for what is in essence, supposed to be end-game content.

Forge Weapon

After all the steps are complete, you must simply go to the Forge in the Lighthouse and craft your weapon using the hidden data in the Lost Prophecy.

Jack Queen King 3 COO

These weapons feature a hybrid combo of the technology Osiris would have had access to when he was exiled, as well as his additions and modifications with all his time spent studying Vex technology.

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Every weapon will get its turn in the sun…of Mercury that is, with each weapon type seemingly getting a new Osiris version. At the very least, there will be a Pulse Rifle, Sidearm, Hand Cannon and Shotgun.


Dark Future.jpg

Adventures have been given a bit of an upgrade with the Curse of Osiris expansion, with a variety of modifiers being added and new Heroic Adventures being introduced, all to add a bit of replayability and to add a bit more of a challenge.

Most Adventures, if not all,  will be accessed through the Infinite Forest, a Vex simulation engine at the heart of Mercury where the Vex can assess each and every possible outcome to determine if it is the one that is most beneficial to them. The Up And Up is an Adventure that will take Guardians to the Dark Future, a version of time where the sun has burnt out, there is no life, and the Vex have won.

Even in this depressing future, we will still encounter our old foes in a delightful addition to the lore, as the Vex simulate what would happen in the Dark Future if, for example, the Fallen survived. This is repeated with each and every race so Adventures can have multiple versions.

The same goes for the Infinite Forest, where there is a multitude of connecting pieces and enemy combatants, but the ways that they all interact in each foray into the Forest, changes, providing a multitude of scenarios and combat experiences. The Vex rule!

It was also revealed during the stream that Adventures will have differing gameplay themes surrounding them, like the disappearing jumping puzzles many veteran Guardians would have faced in the past.


They did not show any footage of new Strikes but did mention that there will be two new story related Strikes that build upon the lore and the story of Osiris, which is a godsend. Strikes have definitely suffered from being disjointed in the past.

Both Strikes will be part of the campaign and will have a scaled down difficulty if you are a solo player or just someone who prefers to roam the campaign alone. The plot twist is that when you enter the Strike/newly returned Heroic Strike playlist you will be met with a scaled up three Guardian version that focuses on the cooperative aspect of gameplay.

Bespoke Public Event: Vex Crossroads

Vex Gatekeeper

Coming in Curse of Osiris is a brand new type of Public Event, one with multiple encounters that have been designed to take advantage of Mercury and to deliver us to different zones we will not be able to access outside of the event.

Key Dunk

In this case, we will need to defeat Gatekeepers that will drop ‘keys’ that operate in the same way as the Relics in the King’s Fall Raid and the charges for the Arsenal Walker Public Event. Each Gatekeeper will drop two keys, which need to be dunked in special receptacles. There will be two receptacles on each side of this Public Event, each with their own Gatekeeper. You can either do it one at a time or fight both Gatekeepers in parallel if you have enough Guardians.

Vex Island

Once that is done, you must use a special ‘jump-gate’ to travel to a Vex Island and defeat another Gatekeeper in the same fashion. Key gets thrown into the receptacle and you jet back to the main part of Mercury, to run to the other side and repeat on another Vex Island.

Gate Lord COO

Finally, you must fight and defeat a Gate Lord who will, at certain intervals, spawn in Gatekeepers to protect him. Destroy them, collect one of four keys and head to one of the jump-gates (seen in the background). It will boost you over this special structure, where you will have a small window to dunk the key and remove the Gate Lord’s invincibility. Repeat until it is dead.

Mercury Token

You will be rewarded with a couple chests, containing the standard fare, of some gear and Mercury Tokens which can be turned in to Brother Vance for some of the awesome gear you see the Guardians rocking in the picture above. In the stream, it was a Heroic version of the event that was completed but they were careful to not let anyone see how to trigger it. My guess would be that it has something to do with how many keys you dunk at one time because the space went crazy with advancing Vex after the very first dunk, but I could be wrong.

We will be granted one more livestream, showing off all the gear we can earn, before the release of Curse of Osiris on December 5th, 2017. I cannot wait to explore the story of Osiris, I’ve been waiting way too long!

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