War Pikes And Special Damage Types Coming To Dauntless

In case you hadn’t heard, Dauntless is an amazing game, currently in closed beta where you take on the role of a Slayer, or monster hunter if you will. Armed with special, incredibly powerful, and delightfully animated, it is your job to take down lethal Behemoths for those sweet, sweet rewards…and bragging rights.

War Pike

Phoenix Labs have detailed the arrival of a brand new weapon for Slayers to utilise, known as a War Pike. This weapon is a perfect blend of melee and ranged combat styles and truly rewards skill and evasiveness.

The primary attack of the War Pike is a forward thrust that can be repeated as many times as you would like, possibly being combined with a side to side strafe, which can allow you to not only add some variety to the fight but will also provide some manoeuvrability to avoid the Behemoth’s deadly attacks.

The War Pike is also equipped with a spinning attack that is more of the area of effect variety, dealing damage in a larger area, allowing you to damage different areas of the Behemoth at the same time.

Not to mention, finishing moves and combos will feel quite natural with the War Pike with a heavy strike being utilised after four successive primary attacks or two secondary attacks. You can use these in tandem, however, so you can throw three primary stabs, a spin and then a fourth primary blow to unleash the heavy attack.

Ranged War Pike Attack

One more trick is held up the War Pike’s steely, stabby and now explosive sleeve. As you deal damage with the War Pike, you will slowly accumulate charge in a special meter, which will eventually dissipate the longer you lay off the attack for or if you are struck by the Behemoth. This is why skill and dodging plays an important part with the War Pike.

You do not have to fill up the meter entirely to unleash the charge, but the amount of charge you have accumulated will directly affect damage. This special attack will see your Slayer flip the War Pike around, allowing you to take aim and fire an explosive blast of aether right into the face or armored bodice of your target.

War Pike Piercing Damage.png

It has also been announced that new weapon damage types are making their way into Dauntless, with the newly announced War Pike provided with Piercing Damage. When a target is Pierced, they have been inflicted with damaging wounds which other Slayers can exploit by dealing extra damage to the Behemoth. It is very much a tag-team damage type to get the full functionality out of it.

Blunt Damage, granted to Hammers, is designed to stagger the huge beasts as well as to break bones and armour. It is a fun damage type…I mean not for the Behemoths but I at least will have a ball! Finally, Swords, Axes and Chain Blades will be provided with Slash Damage which enables your Slayer to carve the Behemoths up by severing body parts such as tails, making your quarry less dangerous.

I cannot wait to jump in and try this new update, especially since I do have a fondness for Chain Blades or any lethal, retractable weapon.

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