Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Actium War Rig

Conflict Resolution Solution #3479: Leave them to rest wherever they may fall.

The Actium War Rig is a neutral Titan chest piece which is incredibly beneficial to auto rifle users, big and small. If you do not utilise Auto Rifles or only use them sparingly, the Actium War Rig may not be the Exotic for you. But combine it with the Sweet Business and sparks will fly.

The Actium War Rig runs the Exotic perk, Auto-Loading Link which steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Auto Rifle’s magazine from your reserves. This happens every couple of seconds when the Auto Rifle is equipped, with ten bullets being syphoned into the weapon. The functionality of the War Rig is offset a little by the speed of the reload, you will oftentimes run out of bullets before the auto-load makes any meaningful impact. Although, this is an understandable limitation as a never-ending stream of bullets may make the Actium War Rig slightly overpowered. It should be mentioned that the Auto-Loading Link will only function when the Auto Rifle is in your Guardian’s hands, meaning that if you switch weapons to, say, an Energy Scout Rifle, you will not have the reload benefits.


The Actium War Rig is a niche kind of Exotic, but one that exudes a lot of potential with usefulness in any scenario involving a lot of Auto Rifle shooting. There are innumerable uses for this well balanced Exotic chest piece. From ducking and weaving in all kinds of battlefield scenarios, only to appear with a fully loaded weapon, or by activating your Super and being able to mop up with a perfect flow rather than be interrupted by pesky reloads.

In the Crucible, when used correctly, the Actium War Rig will never let you down with even a single ten bullet reload being enough to possibly save you in a firefight, not to mention, as you roam the variety of maps after winning a skirmish, not having to worry about reloads can be an invaluable asset. It may just take some getting used to, with how automatic reloading can become after firing a few shots.

The Actium War Rig really shines with the Sweet Business, combining the weapon’s sheer damage output with, well, even more damage output, through the several auto loads you will get by the time the magazine is depleted. It simply allows for even more gun mayhem and destruction.


The Actium War Rig can be bought from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory or gained randomly through an Exotic Engram decryption.

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