The Second Trial Of The Gods Is Almost Over: Square Off Against Sobek, The Lord Of Waters

For those living under a hieroglyph covered rock, Trial of the Gods is a timed event in Assassins Creed Origins where you can go up against the powerful Egyptian Gods, and be rewarded quite well if you manage to succeed. You need to complete the questline, Aya in order to access the event as well as be a recommended level 40. This is end game after all.

Assassin's Creed® Origins

Sobek comes with a similar spree of attacks to Anubis, the contender for the last Trial of the Gods. Players will have to dodge a rolling damage dealing dust cloud that can strip you of a lot of health relatively quickly, as well as a sort of mortar strike that is actually kind of easy to dodge if you pay any sort of attention.

Assassin's Creed® Origins

The battle against Sobek will also be broken up with stretches where you do battle against Sobek’s followers. This is where the level recommendation really makes sense, as your health can be stripped rapidly if they manage to get into melee range. On top of this, Sobek will be sending those rolling death waves to impede your progress as well as to deal damage.

Arrows will be your friend in those situations or a whole lot of dodging. If you are successful in defeating the God of Waters you will be rewarded with a special piece of gear from the Trial of the Gods gear set. Good luck godhunters.

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