The Devil's Eight

The Devil Is In The Sound With The Devil’s Eight, A Music Based Boss-Fighter

There have been countless interpretations and renditions of the circles of Hell in literature, paintings, movies and now The Devil’s Eight, which coincidentally is now my absolute favourite. Created by the talented team at Second Step Studios, the gist of the game is that you are trapped within the circles of Hell (literally) and are tasked with facing the Eight Overseers in order to escape. The catch is that they have locked away all your offensive powers, which leaves you with nothing but a shield to protect yourself with…against the might of Hell.


The Devil’s Eight combines very fast paced gameplay with simple 2D side-scroller mechanics, in a 3D setting, where you are limited to a circular arena, all lit up with brightly coloured neon effects with a powerful enemy in the middle. The music is almost intrinsic within this game, with it being synergised with the Overseers’ attacks and movements. It adds a remarkable layer of depth and a definite cool factor to the game. Just have a look at the gameplay for Lust.

As you progress through the fights and reach different stages of an Overseer battle, the music will change, with the tempo speeding up, and new sounds being layered in to create a constantly changing and banging gameplay experience.

As a player you will have to match up to your opponents moves, using a constantly shifting environment as well as a powerful shield that is literally your only weapon in the quest to escape Inferno. You will have to reflect your enemies attacks right back at them to deal damage in their own tragic worlds, which each come with a unique soundtrack which make you feel as if you popped some acid in a nightclub, without the discomfort of people touching you.


The Devil’s Eight is shaping up to be a remarkable adventure with fresh and exhilarating gameplay that brings the easy to learn, hard to master 2D sidescroller skills into a fast-paced adventure. There are eight Overseers to face so I cannot wait to see and hear the gameplay for the other cardinal sins as they are brought to the forefront.


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