Destiny 2

Updates To Destiny 2 On Their Way: Masterworks Weapons, Fated Exotic Engrams, Ornaments And Three Of Coins!

Destiny 2 and Bungie have recently faced some backlash about the lack of transparency about game changes as well as the hollowness of endgame activities. They almost seem pointless to do which is not what the Destiny end game should be. To address this, Bungie cancelled their final Curse of Osiris live stream, instead opting for a blog post detailing how the game is changing. These changes are going to be released in the first two weeks of December, with the first set being implemented alongside the release of Curse of Osiris on December 5th, and the next arriving on December 12th.

December 5th

Armour Ornaments

Armor Ornaments

Add a layer of visual customisation that works alongside equipped shaders. These new Ornaments will be acquirable through specific objectives unique to each set and will be available account wide once unlocked. You will be able to control the RNG a little bit by choosing what Ornament you are trying to unlock, like in the above picture we can see that to earn the Iron Pledge Ornament for the Helmet, you need to win 25 Matches in Season 2 Iron Banner.

In Season 2, Ornaments will be collectable for;

  • New Monarchy
  • DeadOrbit
  • Future War Cult
  • Crucible
  • Vanguard
  • Eater Of Worlds Raid Lair
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Iron Banner

Gunsmith And Cryptarch


If you have been playing Destiny 2 for any length of time, it is highly likely that you have got a sheer backlog of Mods that you haven’t used. Well, with the new Mod changes, Rare mods will dismantle in Gunsmith Materials, as well as giving players a small chance at scoring Legendary Mod components.

Master Rahool will also be offering some of his vast selection of Legendary Engrams in exchange for Legendary Shards. Remember in Destiny 1 when a Legendary was a rare thing? Well, Rahool was hoarding all of the Legendaries he didn’t give us just so he could flip them for a profit now. This is going to be ideal if you are hunting for a specific World Weapon or one of the new Masterworks Weapons.

Reputation Tokens

Tokens have been hit with some fire, with how uninspired and unrewardingly grindy it really is. Well, as of December 5th, Strikes will now drop a larger proportion of Tokens when they are completed, as well as Common Destination Tokens will have their drop rates increased 100%, with their values being increased by 50% for Commons and 250% for Rare quality Tokens. To slightly balance this, the amount of reputation needed for a rank up has been increased by 37% for Destination Vendors, such as Devrim and increased by 50% for the Gunsmith.

The best change would have to be that any Calus Tokens earned in the Leviathan Raid are immediately able to be turned into Benedict rather than having to beat the entire Raid. A great change for a player like me, who hasn’t been bothered tackling the entire Leviathan as yet.

December 12th

Masterworks Weapons

Masterwork Weapon

Masterworks Weapons are a new tier of weapon which can drop randomly from world events, or can be upgraded to Masterwork from an existing Legendary. Masterworks Weapons are able to track the number of kills you have acquired with that particular weapon, toggleable between Crucible and general kills, generate orbs of Light when you score a multi-kill with that weapon and provide re-rollable stat bonuses from a small pool of potentials. It isn’t the game wide random roll of weapon perks many players want to return to but it is a small step.

Any unwanted Masterworks Weapons can be dismantled to acquire special materials used to upgrade other Legendaries into Masterworks which allows players to pick and choose what weapons they want to use the most. Furthermore, Raid and Trials of the Nine weapons will have a high Masterwork drop chance.

Direct Purchase Of Faction Weapons And Armour

Direct Purchase

Beginning on December 12th, most Faction Vendors will have the option to purchase weapons and armour from them, directly using Legendary Shards. All five Faction armour pieces will remain permanently available but weapons will rotate in on a weekly schedule.

Xur Is Bringing The Goods

Fated Engram

Great news for those of you who love to collect Exotic Engrams (me) as Xur is bringing a new type of Engram, each week, known as the Fated Engram. This Exotic will cost a substantial amount of Legendary Shards but will guarantee an Exotic that you have not got in your collection if there are any.

Xur is also bringing back a variation of the Three of Coins, which can also be purchased for Legendary Shards. This special consumable can be bought as many times as one would like and will boost the chance of an Exotic drop for four hours. No more popping one before each boss, it is set and forget…for four hours.

You may also notice the new set of Hunter boots which are undoubtedly going to be one of the new Exotics coming to Curse of Osiris. The good news is, purple is my colour, the bad news I am a Warlock.

Gift Consumable

Destiny has an amazing community and what better way to show that than with a Gift Consumable, which can be bought from Lord Shaxx or Commander Zavala. These can be utilised during a Crucible Match or a Strike which will grant bonus rewards to everyone in that activity on completion, whether they were your enemy or not, or possibly shouting everyone in the match a round of Exotics. This is an awesome change and I hope there is an in-game way to see who has thrown up the Gift Consumable so we know who to thank.

There are many more changes that are coming to the game in early 2018 but for now, alongside the release of Curse of Osiris, these are the biggest upgrades to look forward to in Destiny 2.

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