Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Mask Of The Quiet One


The Sentinel has a few powerful Exotic armour pieces on its side and the Mask Of The Quiet One is no exception, quite literally working in favour of your Titan no matter whether you are a Guardian who kills without getting hit or who face tanks every single bullet.

The Mask Of The Quiet One holds the admittedly accurate perk, Dreaded Visage which besides masking the face of the poor sucker who decided to be a Titan (I still love you Shaxx) it also grants Melee, Grenade and Class Ability energy when damaged. In simple terms, if you take any damage when any of your abilities are on cooldown, they will get a little boost in charge. It may not seem like much but with a Titan at 295 Power Level, all of my abilities were almost fully charged just before I was killed. I was standing still and was accompanied by the standard recharge and since in all actuality you won’t be an unmoving target, this extra ability energy will do wonders for your damage output and area control/area denial. Dreaded Visage also flips the tables and provides health regeneration when you score Void Ability kills. Health regeneration comprises a body of health returned when you score a Void Ability kill, which includes Grenades, Melee Strikes and even your Sentinel Shield Super. The downside is that this health regen can be lost in the heat of combat when your shield is also being drained by enemy attacks. But trust me, the Mask Of The Quiet One has your back.


While the Mask Of The Quiet One can be utilised for every single Titan subclass it is definitely a disservice to not equip the Sentinel to take advantage of the full benefits. There is an internal symbiotic relationship within this Exotic that provides benefits when you are both taking damage and scoring kills which makes it a perfect fit for every single activity within Destiny 2, assuming you are feeling the Captain America spirit.

The symbiosis can be felt particularly well in intense situations, such as in the Crucible, where the speed of getting your abilities back can play a factor in how many kills you score. If you aren’t familiar, Destiny 1 had that kind of system, where you could customise how quickly your abilities charge, for example, maxing Discipline to get the minimum recharge time for grenades. Since that system is gone, the Mask of the Quiet One provides you with that chance but with all your abilities. Use it well and you will come out on top, or at least afforded the chance to make a clutch play.

In PVE, the same could be said, with you being able to turn the damage which can, at times, come from all sides, into a definitive positive where the end goal is a higher damage output and more dead enemies.


The Mask Of The Quiet One can be gained from a random Exotic Engram decryption or purchased from Xur if you are lucky enough for him to have it in his inventory.




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