Exotic Review: Vesper Of Radius

“Drawn like so, the Rift circle reinscribes planetary energy as a destructive force.” – Ikora Rey, “On Circles, Volume 12”

It has been a while since we have had a Rift-based Exotic for the Warlock but it is now time to get back on the proverbial space horse. The Vesper Of Radius is a flowing Warlock chest piece that adds a bit more power to your Guardian’s Rift, no matter whether it is Healing or Empowering.

Vesper Of Radius holds the Exotic perk Planetary Torrent which releases an Arc shockwave when your Rift is cast. This shockwave has a decent radius of effect and will not only push enemies away from the Rift’s source but will also deal damage to every enemy hit. Despite Planetary Torrent specifically pulsing out an Arc shockwave, Vesper Of Radius can be utilised on every Warlock subclass. But wait there’s more! Planetary Torrent also increases the recharge rate of your Rift ability when you are surrounded by hostiles. It isn’t a small recharge bonus either, with your Guardian potentially staying permanently chocked up with Rift abilities to either decimate your foes with increased weapon damage or to save yourself and your allies with the Healing Rift. Without Planetary Torrent, my Healing Rift recharged in about 1 minute 22 seconds which, while not insanely long is more than enough time for Guardians to be viciously killed. On the other hand, when I was surrounded by four Fallen foes in the EDZ, it recharged in about 12-13 seconds. This is a huge jump and one that can ensure you dominate the competition.


Vesper Of Radius, while incredibly powerful and beneficial for any Warlock who values his/her Rift, is definitely more of a PVE Exotic chest piece. In the Crucible, Rifts are generally set up as a pre-emptive defensive scenario or dropped to help you and your allies recover health. Very rarely is it used in the midst of combat due to the high likelihood that you would be eliminated before fully activating it. Planetary Torrent provides an Arc shockwave that only delivers a slight amount of damage, much less than what your gun could pump into a hostile Guardian and no Rift can save you if you get ambushed and surrounded by a team of enemy Guardians.

PVE is another matter altogether, with the Arc shockwave being able to clear out groups of enemies when you place your Rift down, giving you some needed breathing room to begin to pick them off. Not to mention that in tight knit scenarios such as certain Public Events, Strikes, even the Raid where there are enemies everywhere, your Rift will remain consistently charged ready for when you need it the most, which can be a saving grace for many Fireteams and solo Guardians.


The Vesper Of Radius can be found from a random Exotic Engram decryption or purchased from Xur if he happens to be carrying it in his inventory in any given week.

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