Destiny 2

A Guide To The Curse Of Osiris Lost Prophecy Weapons

Curse of Osiris has been out for a few days now and many Guardians have traversed the Infinite Forest to free Osiris of his curse (the only way I could put it non-spoiler-y). You may have also begun the grind fest that is Lost Prophecies which in turn lead to a powerful new weapon that Osiris himself has customised in his exile. This little guide will be updated with each new Lost Prophecy weapon detailing my choice for best perk out of the slottable choices and drawbacks of the weapons as each Verse is added to the rotation.

Verse One: Garden Progeny 1

Garden Progeny 1

The Garden Progeny is a slow firing, high damage Scout Rifle which not only feels great to use but also handles like a dream. Equipped with a 15 bullet magazine the Garden Progeny is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights which is a sharpshooters dream. The Garden Progeny comes standard with Tactical Mag which provides slight bonuses to stability and magazine size, as well as increasing reload speed.

This Scout Rifle also comes with one of my favourite perks in Destiny which is Outlaw, providing a dramatic increase in reload speed after a precision kill, which shouldn’t be too hard with the easy to control recoil and high impact shots.

Verse 2: The Conqueror 2

The Conqueror 2

The Conqueror 2 is the second Submachine gun that Osiris has modified, or the first if you are going numerically. The Conqueror runs Adaptive Frame which makes this Submachine gun reliable and sturdy and it definitely feels like it, being easily controllable at close range. All Submachine guns generally bounce around due to the rapid damage output but it just feels great. The Conqueror also holds Hammer-Forged Rifling which serves to boost the range of this weapon though to be truly effective you still want to use it at close range. The main perk for The Conqueror is Kill Clip for which reloading after a kill increases damage for a short time. This is a perfect perk for this weapon as the 34 bullet clip is more than enough to eliminate any lower level enemy or hostile Guardian with ease and Submachine guns tend to reload quite quickly.

Verse 3: Jack Queen King 3

Jack Queen King 3

I am not a huge Hand Cannon fan but the Jack Queen King has maintained an ever-present place in my Energy Slot. This particular Hand Cannon is yet another slow firing yet high impact weapon that isn’t difficult to land precision shots with. Utilising Lightweight Frame the Jack Queen King benefits with superb handling and a bonus to speed when it is equipped. Think Mida but with a Hand Cannon.

My prefered scope with this weapon is the Fastdraw HCS which greatly increases handling speed allowing for rapid flowing kills as well as slightly increasing stability which is never a bad thing to have on a weapon. The Jack Queen King also comes standard with Pulse Monitor which auto-reloads part of the magazine when you are critically wounded, giving you a chance to fight your way out of a tough spot.

Verse 4: Machina Dei 4

Machina Dei 4

The Machina Dei is another slow firing yet high damage Osiris weapon which I prefer for the most part. There is definitely a pattern emerging. Machina Dei comes standard with High-Impact Frame which boosts its accuracy when stationary and aiming down sights. This Pulse Rifle also utilises the perk Ambitious Assassin which overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills you score before reloading. Basically the more kills you accumulate with one magazine worth of bullets, the more bullets you get in the next mag. With a magazine of 33, it is not a hard task to get at least two or three kills under your belt which can jump your total bullets close to 50.  It is an incredibly fun perk to use and rewards Guardians who make every shot count.

Verse 5: Traveler’s Judgement 5

Traveler's Judgement

The Traveler’s Judgement 5 is a rapid firing, three round burst Sidearm equipped with high damage and a very easy to control recoil pattern. Able to overpenetrate targets and deal additional damage to shields with Armor-Piercing Rounds, the Traveler’s Judgement feels like a Guardian killer, able to decimate foes in the Crucible, especially when combined with Headseeker, which increases precision damage for a short time when you score a few body shots. Due to the predictable recoil and the natural upward flow of the Traveler’s Judgement with the three round burst, it is quite easy to make use of that additional precision damage and put down any threat whether from PVE or in the Crucible.

Verse 6: Sol Pariah 6

Sol Pariah 6

Thankfully the Osiris Submachine Gun Sol Pariah isn’t a slow firing weapon, with it being capable of delivering 900 rounds per minute. Gotta love Submachine guns! Well, the Sol Pariah utilises Lightweight Frame which provides it with smooth handling (which you can definitely feel) as well as boosting your movement speed with it equipped. In regards to the barrel, the Sol Pariah is gifted with Arrowhead Brake, which greatly controls recoil and increases handling speed.

Flared Magwell is up next which slightly increases stability while greatly increasing reload speed. I mean there is a reason it is capable of churning out 900 bullets in a minute. Finally, its main perk is Grave Robber which reload a portion of the magazine when you score a melee kill. The fact that the Sol Pariah and Submachine Guns, in general, are close range weapons means that Grave Robber is the perfect synergistic addition.

Verse 7: West Of Sunfall 7

West Of Sunfall 7.png

West Of Sunfall is a high powered, yet decently accurate Hand Cannon that suffers from one major drawback, it reloads really slow. Seriously, I easily beat the Curse of Osiris expansion in the time it takes to reload. Well, it isn’t that bad and fortunately its main perk, Auto-Loading Holster takes care of that, automatically reloading your weapon after a short period of time when it is holstered. In terms of barrel, my personal choice would be the Steadyhand HCS which increases both the stability of the gun as well as the handling speed, which makes it a lot easier to hit those important precision shots. The best perk in the second tier is Accurized Rounds which increases the range of the West Of Sunfall by a significant amount. To use this weapon effectively you just have to remember to holster this Hand Cannon and take advantage of the Auto-Loading Holster because you will be put out of the fight for a long time if you reload manually.

Verse 8: Infinite Paths 8

Infinite Paths 8

I am a big lover of Pulse Rifles and the Infinite Paths is definitely my new favourite with an old but slightly modified main perk, Dragonfly. Dragonfly creates an elemental damage explosion on a precision kill, which can be altered depending on what damage type you equip to it. See, a subtle difference between Dragonfly and Firefly. Infinite Paths is gifted with a lower impact but higher stats in the other categories, primarily Reload Speed, Handling and Range, with Stability filling out to about half the bar. For that reason, Full Bore is an optimal barrel which greatly increases Range at the cost of decreased stability and slightly decreased handling speed. This Pulse Rifle won’t suffer too much because of it, at least it doesn’t for my preference. Out of the optional perks, Accurized Rounds would be the best fit, increasing range

Verse 9: Null Calamity 9

Null Calamity 9

Null Calamity 9 is an Auto Rifle with a medium rate of fire and a large magazine size of 44, able to eliminate multiple enemies without reloading. Chambered Compensator increases the stability and moderately controls the recoil of the Null Calamity at the cost of a slightly decreased handling speed. While there are a few optional perk choices, Flared Magwell is my go to as it slightly increases stability once again and greatly increases reload speed, which allows for as brief a gap as possible between sustained fire. The main perk of Null Calamity is Zen Moment which increases stability when you deal damage. Once again the large magazine size assists in dealing large amounts of precision damage without too much trouble.

Verse 10: Future Safe 10

Future Safe 10.png

Future Safe 10 operates pretty much the same as any other sword in Destiny 2, taking away one Power Ammo per swing and looking damn good while it does. The perks of the Future Safe aren’t any different to a large number of swords already in the game, rocking things like Jagged Frame and Burst Guard. However, the main perk of the Future Safe, En Garde provides additional damage to your swing if you undertake a quick attack immediately after switching. This is not a hard thing to do, simply run at your target and switch at the last possible moment and don’t stop swinging until they go down.

Perfect Paradox

Perfect Paradox

The Perfect Paradox was the personal shotgun of Saint-14 and it is damn powerful! Usually, I am not a fan of shotguns in Destiny 2 but I can definitely make an exception for this one. The Perfect Paradox reps Rapid-Fire Frame which allows it to fire full auto (YAY) and have a faster reload when the magazine is empty. That reload will definitely come in handy because it has a large seven shell mag which you can unload into an enemy in just over a second. The main perk of the Perfect Paradox is Rampage which temporarily boosts this weapons damage, which can stack up to three times. Basically, this can mean you have four additional shells, all imbued with that increased damage.

Once the final Lost Prophecy is completed you will be gifted a few amazing things to reward you for the huge grind, on top of all the awesome weapons of course.

Lost Prophecy EmblemSagira Exotic Ghost

A brand new Emblem acquirable only through completing all the Lost Prophecies, known as Prophetic Arsenal will be yours if you can complete them all. Aside from looking, let’s say well travelled, it also has the added bonus of tracking the number of enemies you have eliminated with Prophecy weapons.

You are also gifted with an Exotic Ghost shell, Sagira’s Shell which most notably provides you with the chance to obtain additional faction consumables on Mercury as well as detecting caches and resources within a huge 75-metre radius on Mercury.

That is it for the Lost Prophecy Weapons, good luck with your grinds fellow Guardians and I hope you will be as happy with some of the Prophecy weapons as I was.

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