Exotic Review: Prometheus Lens. What To Expect In The Future.

“Cryptarchs made a crystal that starts fires? Get me one. I don’t care how you do it. Go!” – Cayde-6

The Curse of Osiris expansion launched with a selection of brand new Exotic weapons and armour pieces which are annoyingly difficult to acquire due to the sheer amount of duplicates that pop up (at least for me) but Destiny 2 has seen the arrival of an incredibly overpowered weapon. Topping all this off was the fact that Bungie made Xur sell it causing the Crucible to turn into a sea of lasers.

Prometheus Lens Flare

The Prometheus Lens is the second Trace Rifle ever introduced to the world of Destiny bringing a taste of fire to its ice-cold counterpart, Coldheart. This new Exotic rocks the perk Prismatic Inferno which causes the weapon to fire a Solar trace beam which generates a damaging heat field that grows while the weapon continues to fire. While it isn’t the primary firing mechanism of the Prometheus Lens it is the expanding heat field, which can get pretty large, that has caused so many problems in the Crucible due to the fact that it can kill hostile Guardians around corners but more on that in a moment. The Prometheus Lens utilises the Trait, Flame Refraction which returns a fraction of any ammunition used to the magazine, which in turn extends the beams duration. This perk, on the whole, I do not have a problem with, but when it is coupled with the expanding heat field it gets a little ‘irritating’.

As for the smaller perks on the Prometheus Lens, Chambered Compensator increases stability and moderately controls recoil at the cost of slightly decreased handling speed. At the end of the day, that slight handling speed reduction does not affect much but stability and recoil control are intrinsic to the effectiveness of a precision weapon like Prometheus Lens. Same could be said for range which gets a boost from Projection Fuse because it is important to remember that the heat field expands at the end of the beam, so the longer it is the more flexibility you can potentially get out of it. Finally, Composite Stock provides slight increases in stability and handling speed.


Prometheus Lens In Game

In PVE the Prometheus Lens is an amazing Exotic with its precision capabilities, high damage per clip, the ability to extend the clip with Flame Refraction and of course the additional damage from the Prismatic Inferno. It is essentially like Gjallarhorn in Destiny 1 where the advantages are clear but the major difference lies in the fact that the competitive aspect of the game has become somewhat mono-Exotic…laser tag I believe was the official term. While it was quite entertaining, it kind of dulls the whole competitive aspect of the Crucible.

The Prometheus Lens is capable of dealing precision damage at range, damaging and killing around corners while not being a Power Weapon and able to simultaneously damage and kill pairs or entire groups of Guardians if they are travelling close together. It becomes way too powerful and the Destiny community knows it. The amount of times I was killed after I ran behind a corner to recover my health only to be blindsided by a Solar beam is more than it needed to be and more than an Energy Weapon should be able to do.

So where does that leave the Crucible and the Prometheus Lens? Well, based on a two-part Tweet from Bungie it is going to be ultra-nerfed in order for the team to do some playtesting on this Exotic.

This is concerning because it effectively takes out a promising PVE weapon because of adverse side effects in the Crucible, which is not fair to a whole subset of the game. Also, it kind of seems, based on the above Tweet that Bungie did not properly play-test the Prometheus Lens before unleashing it into the wilds of Destiny RNG which is kind of lax. I understand the amount of time that it can take to undertake weapon and balance changes, especially when trying to maintain its Exoticness but I think the hard nerf for both PVE and PVP when it was primarily a Crucible problem is not great and the fact that it won’t be balanced until January is even worse.


The Prometheus Lens can be acquired through any activity that can drop an Exotic reward such as Flashpoints or from a random Exotic decryption. It can also be purchased from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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