Exotic Review: The Colony

We outnumber you. We will find you. You are alone, and we are colony.

Within the arsenal of Destiny Exotic weaponry, there are undoubtedly amazing tools of war capable of decimating entire swathes of foes but sometimes they do not feel unique and ‘exotic’. In the case of The Colony, it is definitely Exotic.

The Colony utilises the Exotic perk Insectoid Robot Grenades, and yes you read that right. Insectoid Robot Grenades turns every grenade fired by The Colony into tiny insectoid spiders that chase down targets and explode close to them. Basically, they are tiny explosive spiders that seem very similar to the Glove of Doom in Ratchet and Clank. This means if you fire it relatively close to your target or maybe even overshoot your target, the robotic spiders will do your work for you and deal pretty impressive damage. This does not happen every time because it all depends on how far away a viable target is but it is pretty damn common. The Colony still functions like a normal grenade launcher despite being full of robot spiders and if you score a direct hit they will explode on impact. The Colony also holds the Trait, Serve The Colony which allows the insectoid robot grenades to quickly repopulate the magazine from the weapons reserves when it is unequipped. So on top of having explosive, tracking robot spiders for ammunition, it can also reload itself when not in use. A pretty effective Exotic if I do say so myself.

The Colony gets slight bonuses for projectile speed, blast radius and stability courtesy of Linear Compensator. High-Velocity Rounds also provides a bonus to projectile speed which is never a bad thing to have on a grenade launcher not that it really matters because if you miss your shot the explodey spiders are coming back whether they like it or not. High-Velocity Rounds also increases reload speed which can be seen as profoundly redundant due to Serve The Colony. Finally, The Colony gains slight increases to stability and handling speed from Composite Stock.


The Colony In Game.png

Let’s be real, The Colony is one of those weapons that will thrive no matter what activity you decide to tackle, due to its high damage output and crazy potential Exotic applications. In PVE, it can function quite simply as a high powered grenade launcher by simply firing it directly at your intended target. It can be treated more as a fallback by almost guaranteeing a hit if you happen to miss your shot through the application of explosive robot spiders. I cannot emphasise enough how cool it is watching the sentient explosive AI roaming the field in search of a target, especially when you consider you just have to fire in the general direction of your foe without too much risk of wasting Heavy Ammo.

In the Crucible, The Colony still functions much the same as in PVE, by dealing a large amount of Guardian killing damage. However, much like the Tractor Cannon, there is an innate fun factor with this Exotic which can lead to some awesome strategic and entertaining kills. If you anticipate an enemy coming around the corner or hiding in a small room, you can blast in a few grenades and just wait for the kills because even the most seasoned Destiny 2 player would not expect the grenades to come alive and chase them down. Going even further, you can completely layer an area in spider-y goodness to try and counter or at the very least, break a group of Guardians chasing your team down. It is just a fun Exotic.


The Colony can be acquired through any activity that has a potential to drop an Exotic, such as Flashpoints as well as being randomly rewarded from an Exotic Engram decryption. It can also be purchased directly from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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