Destiny 2

How To Access Saint-14’s Tomb And Acquire The Perfect Paradox Shotgun

A remarkable discovery was found within the Simulant Future a few days ago – a small hole in a blocked off entryway showed a tasselled Exo hovering within a beam of light and that Exo was thought to be the legendary Saint-14. Well, Mercury’s World Quest has become available allowing you to discover the fate of the heroic Titan.

Legends Lost (Signal Light

So, to trigger the World Quest, you are going to need to at least complete Lost Prophecy Verse 10 which will be the only option given to you when you visit Brother Vance. He will then offer yet another Lost Prophecy known as Lost Prophecy, Another Verse. At this point, you may leave the Lighthouse and should notice the banner on your right which will enable you to begin Legends Lost. I should mention here that this Quest is kind of grindy and you will need a lot of materials so I wish you the best of luck.

Once you activate Legends Lost you will be given the first objective of this 2-part Quest, Signal Light which requires you to follow an ancient signal to its source. Enter the Infinite Forest once again battling Vex, Fallen, Cabal and Hive as you fight towards the gate leading to the Simulant Present. Once here, you will basically chase down the signal, hacking confluxes and shooting down hordes of Vex from all timelines. It is fairly straightforward and not at all difficult if you pay attention.

Lost Prophecy, Another Verse

After you complete Signal Light, you will get a completed Lost Prophecy, Another Verse, which will direct you to collect two each of the rare Curse of Osiris materials: Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, Advanced Paradox Amplifier and Fossilised Hermaion Blossom. This is the real grind of this Quest and can take Guardians several hours to complete if you are unlucky. Once you gain the rare materials, consume them to fill up the Lost Prophecy and take it back to Brother Vance who will then update your Quest.

Legends Lost (Not Even In Darkness)

The second step to Legends Lost is known as Not Even In Darkness, which will take you to the Simulant Future better known as the Dark Future, and the location of the little hole in the wall with the floating body.


You will once again be chasing Confluxes while your Ghost tries to pin down the signal’s source, kind of similar to when Guardians searched for Praedyth in the Vault of Glass. Slay your way through a veritable army of old-school Vex which will eventually culminate in a Minotaur v Guardian boss battle. In my case, it literally took one Nova Bomb and the fight was over, but do watch your back as a large number of Vex Harpies and Goblins spawn in behind you even after the Minotaur is dead.

Saint-14's Tomb

The final step of Not Even The Darkness is to activate the last Conflux and enter the tomb of Saint-14. Surrounded by thousands of dead Vex, Saint is suspended in light within a resting place built by the Infinite Forest itself.

Perfect Paradox Forge

Return to Mercury where you take your now completed Lost Prophecy, Another Verse to Brother Vance and through him, to the Forge where you will acquire the Perfect Paradox, Saint-14’s personal shotgun.

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