Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Tidbits Surface Alongside Release Date And A Limited Edition Controller That Would Make The Dutchman Proud

Well, swashbucklers and assorted salty sea dogs the big news is that after many, many months of Technical Alpha testing, sail unfurling, treasure finding and ship sinking, Sea of Thieves has finally been given an official release date of March 20th, 2018, alongside a rather awesome release date trailer. I mean any trailer that shows a pirate getting fired out of a cannon deserves an A+ in my book. Check it out below if you haven’t already.

The development for Sea of Thieves has been relatively transparent with Developer Updates, and Innside Stories showing off the new additions, such as the small ship designed with solo players in mind. Well, there are a few more small tidbits to uncover that lie just beneath the surface. 

Reputation Is Everything

A pirates reputation is everything, capable of creating enemies or inspiring fear wherever you turn your ship. In fact, Blackbeard, one of the most feared pirates in the history of piracy was known to create the illusion that he was demonic by placing lit fuses in his beard, thus framing his face in a terrifyingly fiery way. This was done to avoid too much open conflict and that same reputation will play out for you through special vendors known as Trading Companies. The Trading Companies will offer jobs and bounties for players to complete, ranging from escorting merchants and their cargo to hunting down other pirates. As you complete each job, you will score an immediate reward because what is piracy good for if not the sweet, sweet loot. The more voyages you successfully complete, the higher your reputation with the Trading Company will grow, which will unlock unique titles and prestigious titles so any ship you encounter will know who you are and what you have accomplished. Not to mention, you will gain access to even trickier jobs which will again fly you up the ranks.

Trading Companies can be found at Outposts, and while each one is unique in its own way, the ultimate goal for a pirate on the Sea of Thieves is to discover the location of Athena’s Fortune. To be honest, the Athena’s Fortune sounds more like a sunken ship’s name as opposed to a literal fortune but will hopefully still be resplendent in stealable decor.

The Depths Hide Things, Scary Things…Tentacley Things

The Kraken.jpg

If you have played in the Technical Alpha at any stage you would undoubtedly have come across two main threats; Skeletons and Sharks. Skeletons are the long dead but somehow still moving remains of old swashbucklers who rise out of the ground when you attempt to steal their treasure and I cannot blame them. I mean if someone was trying to steal my stuff I’d be annoyed too. Well, the biggest treasure lies under the guard of dangerous Skeleton Captains who are more deadly than the typical undead, but will also yield better rewards.

Skeleton Captain.jpg

Sharks are another story altogether, creeping up on you when you least expect it trying to bite you in half which is kind of a nuisance. The amount of mini heart attacks I have had with sharks getting the drop on me is unbelievable but that is not all that lies under the waves. The Sea of Thieves website mentions gargantuan sea beasts that lie in wait beneath the surface and one of these beasts would undoubtedly have to be the Kraken, which has been revealed in part through assorted Sea of Thieves trailers but never officially unveiled. The Kraken is a typical sea monster and you cannot have a great pirate game without one. The thing that has me interested is the fact that it mentions sea beasts, implying more than one type, which has me intensely speculating about the myriad of mythical creatures that could be waiting for just one slip up. If there isn’t a Leviathan or Hippocamp I will be disappointed – please Rare?

Final Technical Alpha Session

With the announcement of a March release date, it is time for the Technical Alpha to sail into the sunset, with the final call to hoist the sails (read ‘invites’) going out over the next 24 hours (less now). Every single member of the Insider Program will receive an invite to the final Technical Alpha session, presuming you signed up before the December 1st cut off date. If not I am afraid you are out of luck for the time being, but there will most likely be a beta in the very near future.

Limited Edition Ghostly Sea of Thieves Controller

Sea of Thieves Controller.jpg

Feast your eyes on the paragon of piratey awesomeness that sits on the page before you. Sea of Thieves is releasing a limited edition controller with a beautiful deep purple colour scheme and awesome stylistic decal elements such as what appears to be Hippocamp skeletons on the back, a compass surrounding the left analog stick and a glow in the dark skull never letting you forget the pirate within…and without. This limited edition Sea of Thieves controller will be available for $100 on the 2nd of February 2018 so it isn’t too long of a wait.

Mark your calendars ladies and germs because Sea of Thieves is only a few short months away and I cannot wait to once again feel the virtual breeze through my pirate hair.

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