Paladins: Champions of the Realm

The Latest Paladins Community Skin Project Winner Has Been Announced And It Isn’t Surprising

Earlier in 2017, the first Paladins Community Skin Project opened up which allowed players to choose their favourite Champion to get a new Epic skin. Concept art is then drawn up for a series of potential themes which are once again voted on by the community. Seris won the first bout with her deliciously sinful Infernal skin.

Infernal Seris.png


The second Community Skin Project has been voted on and the winner, surprising almost no one is Androxus, the Godslayer. Well, Paladins players have until December 15th 2017 to vote on what new skin he will be getting in the New Year. The winning skin and final concept art will be revealed during HRX 2018 and should be completed a few months after that if the experience with Infernal Seris is anything to judge it by,

Androxus Community Skins

Here are the options once again if you are having trouble deciding but the only ones for me are the Bomb Squad and Desert Warrior. I may have to start playing Androxus for this!

Don’t miss out on getting your vote in for another awesome skin to enter the Realm.

Update: The winner is Night Bane Androxus. I am not going to lie, I am disappointed but is it still a great skin.

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