What To Expect In Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Event And How To Survive The Yeti Hunt

It is that time of year where Christmas tunes waft on the wind, snow begins to fall (unless you are Australian and are sweltering in 40-degree heat) and Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event has returned. Much like many games, Overwatch has a Christmas themed event with some unique new Legendary skins, twelve to be exact and a brand new game mode that is quite similar to Evolve.

Chill Out With Brand New Skins

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Overwatch has hit it out of the park in regards to some of the new Winter Wonderland skins, especially the Beachrat Junkrat which provides an accurate look at Aussie Christmas. While some of the new skins do seem a bit bland, my personal favourites definitely make up for it (at least for me). Snow Owl Ana, Rime Sombra, Beachrat and Roadhog are must haves but never fear because Winter Wonderland 2016 skins are also available for purchase so hurry before they melt away again.

Throw A Snowball…It’s For Science

Mei’s Snowball Offensive has returned for this year’s Winter Wonderland event. For those unfamiliar, the Snowball Offensive sees two teams of six all default locked into Mei enter into an all-out snowball fight, where you can only store and fire one snowball at a time. If you score a hit on an opposing Mei they will be eliminated but you will have to find a patch of fresh snow to reload your weapon with. All of your abilities stay on the table for strategies sake but it can really…snowball from there.

Brand New Arcade Mode: Yeti Hunter

Yeti Hunter

There is one unique new mode that has arrived to the Arcade this year, known as Yeti Hunter. In it, five Mei’s will go toe to toe with one very angry Winston. The way the game works is simple, if you are a Hunter (Mei) you will have full access to your abilities, with a changed Ultimate to accommodate a bear trap…or a Yeti trap. The Hunters will also share a pool of five lives and once the final one ticks down the game is over.

On the opposing side, Winston has no spare lives and will lose the match if he goes down, so utilise his agility well. You will also have full access to your abilities but the only way to activate your Ultimate is to eat pieces of meat that eventually spawn in around the map. Eat four pieces of meat and you activate your Primal Rage which does significantly more damage in Yeti Hunter.

Hunt The Yeti

The Hunters have to try and avoid Winston in this phase until the timer runs out and he has to collect meat once again. Simple strategies for this is to hide in buildings but this can backfire if he traps you inside, ice blocking yourself and placing an ice wall in his path.

On the flip side, as a Yeti you always want to utilise your leap to clear buildings and otherwise stay away from the Mei who will attempt to freeze you and deal decent damage while you are helpless. Try and pick off any stragglers like a real Yeti!

The Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch will run until January 1st, 2018 so you have plenty of time to get some or all of those amazing Legendaries. Snow Owl Ana here I come!

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