Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves In-Depth Progression System Gives You An Option Of Three Different Trading Companies

While out on the Sea of Thieves, gold isn’t everything with many unique ways to earn reputation and to show off your dedication to different areas of piracy. Trading Companies are the way to do that with three different orders, three agendas and three opportunities to stamp your name over the oceans.


Each of these Trading Companies will offer special quests, known as Voyages which get progressively more difficult the higher your reputation with that Company is. The gist is simple, you can purchase the right to a physical Voyage, which is basically a sealed scroll that also serves to showcase your rank with that faction.

The Gold Hoarders' Voyages

Once a job is purchased, it will be stored in your inventory and can literally be placed on the table for other crew members to vote on. Piracy is all about the wants of the many after all, and if you don’t agree you may find yourself walking the plank. You do not have to ally yourself permanently to once Company allowing you the broad scope of jobs uniquely offered by each.

The Gold Hoarders

Gold Hoarders Close Up

Formed by famed treasure hunters, the Gold Hoarders have a simple goal…to become incredibly wealthy and they want your help to do it. The Gold Hoarders are in possession of special Skeleton Keys which basically open any chest they find. They will provide a share of the gold when any valuable object or chest is returned to them at an outpost and their Voyages operate as such. You will be sent on Quests to locate hidden treasure using a simple ‘X’ marks the spot type map to being required to solve a Riddle Map in order to uncover the loot.

Gold Hoarders Chest Hunt

Not only that, but you can simply explore and not be locked into an objective based Quest. Find and collect treasure chests and special objects such as antique cups on your own and safely return them to the Gold Hoarders and you will gain Company reputation.

Merchant Alliance

Merchant Alliance

No matter where you are or what time period you are from, if you control the trade routes you control the world just ask Carthage…and then Rome after they destroyed Carthage. The Merchant Alliance want to link the fledging outposts into one large trading network and their Voyages emphasise that, with Supply Scouting and Supply Ferrying missions which need to be at their destinations on time.

Merchant Alliance Voyage

If you do manage to deliver on time you will be rewarded handsomely but if not, there is probably going to be a bit of a cut in your pay.

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Much like the Gold Hoarders, you can spend time hunting for supplies yourself then delivering them to the Merchant Alliance in exchange for rep and gold. These supplies are a little more animated than treasure chests. Wildlife plays a big part in Sea of Thieves where pirates must scour islands for the different wildlife, attempt to catch them and safely transport them back to the Alliance. You take on the role of caretaker, having to ensure that they don’t suffer unduly on the trip back, by moving them out of any rising water, keeping them away from lightning and a million other things that could go wrong.

Order Of Souls

Order of Souls Close Up

Finally, we have my favourite faction (so far), the Order of Souls, which seek to control an ancient magic derived from our skeletal enemies. The Order of Souls offer a bevvy of more combat focused challenges where you will be tasked with hunting down special Skeleton Crews and Captains in order to literally take their heads.

Sea Of Thieves Skeleton HuntSea Of Thieves Skulls

These unique skeletons can be found on islands all throughout Sea of Thieves or on the difficult Skeleton Fortresses that will provide a real challenge for your crew. Undoubtedly, the harder Voyages for the Order of Souls will send you to a few of these fortresses, providing a lot of risk, but offering great rewards.


Gold Hoarders Commendation

Advance your rank and continue to complete quests/Voyages for each Trading Company and they will offer you Commendations, special titles, achievements and unique rewards for your continued support and a way to show off your progress to the world around you.

Surprising No One, There Be Rifles

Sea Of Thieves Rifles.png

We have known and handled a variety of pirate weapons since the very first day of the Technical Alpha, from the close ranged cutlass, to the flintlock pistol and blunderbuss. Well, it seems that there will be decently accurate ranged rifles to also add to our repertoire able to pick off important targets from a distance. I look forward to testing out my aim when the seas get a bit choppy.

Sea Of Thieves is almost here, arriving on the 20th March, 2018 bringing the amazing pirate adventure we all need!

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