Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: Crimson

According to official Vanguard policy, this weapon does not exist.

So, the Red Death is back in Hand Cannon form and I for one couldn’t be happier. It looks awesome, it has a high impact and it is a new version of one of my favourite Exotics from Destiny 1.

Crimson is quite literally the Red Death reborn with its Exotic perk, Banned Weapon allowing this weapon to fire in a three round burst. I will admit, I was trepidatious when I first read that perk on a Hand Cannon but having used it extensively I can say it is quite easy to control and the natural upward flow of the weapon means you can score easy precision shots with it. That fact synergistically ties with Crimson’s Trait Cruel Remedy, which refills the magazine when you score a precision kill, which like I said above, is incredibly easy. Cruel Remedy also heals the wielder when they score a kill, making it incredibly effective no matter where you apply it.

Crimson comes standard with Smallbore, which serves to boost both the range and stability of this Exotic both of which make it easier for Cruel Remedy to activate. Further increasing the range is Accurised Rounds while Heavy Grip once again boosts stability at the cost of a decreased handling speed. Crimson has near perfect stability making it easy to keep on target and handling speed is definitely the lowest stat but this Exotic feels good to use and doesn’t suffer from the decreased handling.


Crimson In-Game

Crimson is a beautifully sinister weapon that has given Vigilance Wing a run for its money to be my favourite Exotic. In PVE this weapon is unstoppable, flowing from one kill to the next without too much trouble, initiating a burst of healing whenever you do. Not to mention Cruel Remedy provides an instant reload bonus for an act that should be standard practice for any FPS veteran – precision shots and the upward recoil of Crimson can easily assist with that.

I thought that due to the fact that it isn’t an incredibly fast firing weapon that it would be get outclassed in the Crucible, but if you use it well, it can lead you to some awesome victories, with the ability to get three rounds off with one trigger press, all or most of which could be precision shots not to mention the automatic healing when you take down a hostile Guardian. Never doubt the value a little bit of extra health can have in a firefight, especially when holding a weapon like Crimson. It needs to be said that Crimson operates better at medium to close range, anything further and you will actively be handicapping yourself so make sure to accompany it with a slightly more ranged weapon if you want to cover your bases.  Though in the Crucible, this weapon will not be for everyone and you will get situations where it isn’t ideal, but it is pretty damn good.


Crimson can be found in any activity that has a chance to drop an Exotic Engram, such as Flashpoints or decoded from a random Exotic Engram decryption. It can also be purchased from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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