Warframe Devstream #103 Shows Off Khora’s Abilities And Personal Quarters Room In The Orbiter

The final Warframe Devstream for 2017 has now come and gone and left us with some fun little goodies to look forward to before the end of the year (hopefully).

Le Personal Quarters

Warfame Main Fish Tank

A new room will become available on the Orbiter dedicated to all things decor, allowing players to put a rather large stamp on their personal ship. The Personal Quarters has an Iron Man-esque Warframe stand where any Frames you have collected can be displayed, along with their loadouts and any customisations you have equipped. Live the fantasy and display your trophy Frames.

One of the biggest additions for many people with the new Personal Quarters are the fish tanks – side tanks which are smaller in nature and more permanent, as well as an optional main tank (above). I say optional because you can choose one of a multitude of Vignettes which provide a diorama backdrop to establish your own battle scenes. In regards to the fish tank, you can populate them with fish that you catch on the Plains of Eidolon, assuming they are small enough to fit.

Personal Quarters Diorama Scene.png

Aside from the fish tank, you can also create special battle scenes or environmental scenes utilising the selection of vignettes, such as the Orokin Moon Fortress. Within these, you can place Tenno action figures which can be purchased for a small amount of platinum if you don’t have the Frame but which can also be selected from any Frame you have already collected, complete with their colouring and customisation. The same goes for any weapons you have in your inventory, which can be shrunk and positioned within the diorama scene.

Somachord Personal Quarters

Ambient music will also be available for players to hunt down and collect with the Tenno Jukebox. Each explorable planet/destination will have a specific song, which is split up into scannable song fragments. Your goal, if you wish to tackle it, is to hunt down four song fragments on each planet to unlock a tune which can be heard all throughout your Orbiter.

Behold The Ghouls

Ghoul Purge EventGhoul Purge Bounties

Ghouls were revealed a little while ago in a previous Devstream to be vicious Grineer monsters that are birthed in the ground and come equipped with a variety of nasty weapon modifications, such as flamethrowers and drill bits for arms. Devstream 103 showed off a brand new event – the Ghoul Purge. This is an event for the Plains of Eidolon where Konzu gets a series of ghoulish bounties for Tenno to tackle, including protecting Ghoul defectors and fighting off a horde of angry Ghouls. You will have to undertake great risk for the great rewards that await.

Behold The Awesome Might Of The Eidolon Rainalyst

Eidolon Rainalyst

Two new Eidolon are making their way to the Plains, each one larger than the last. This culminates with the Eidolon Rainalyst which brings worth a thunderstorm, delivering bolts of lightning to strike all around it as it goes about its precious Eidolon business. This thing is huge, with it appearing to be double the size of the also new Megalyst which is in turn double the size of the Teralyst. For those bad at scales that means the new Rainalyst is about four times the size of the Eidolon, we are familiar with.

Khora, The Cat Frame

Khora Warframe

A brand new Warframe will be making its way into the game very soon and she has a few game-changing elements up here sleeve. Khora has been shown off and teased in various videos and Devstreams but now we got a good look at some of her abilities and the way she functions in combat.

  • Phase Lash

Khora Whip

Tapping the activation for Phase Lash will allow Khora to cycle through the three main damage types of Warframe – Impact, Puncture and Slash. This will alter the damage output of her actual Phase Lash, which can be activated by holding down the same activation button/s. Khora will unleash a devastating whip attack which will proc whatever damage type you have selected. Speaking of damage, whatever type of damage is selected by Phase Lash, Khora will have physical changes to her armour spikes.

  • Ensnare

Khora Ensnare

Ensnare sees Khora launch her whip out, entangling any foe in a swarming whirlwind of barbed wire. Damage is inflicted per second depending on your selected damage type and any Ensnared enemies pull in other nearby enemies which also become Ensnared.

  • Call Venari

Khora Kavat

Venari is Khora’s personal Kavat who can be called in to assist during battle. Her damage type is determined by Khora’s selection and is displayed in the form of her tail spikes changing form. Venari can be directed at specific targets by aiming at them and tapping her 3 at which point they will be ravaged by tooth and claw. Venari will last on the field for a base time of 30 seconds, which of course can be modified.

The cool thing about Venari is that she can be customised both through colour scheme and accessories as well as mods, to make her beautifully sinister and just as lethal.

Khora’s most powerful ability is yet to be seen and the only thing known as far is that is called Exalted Phase Whip. If I had to hazard I guess I’d say that she will get full control of her Phase Whip which is imbued with all three damage types for huge damage.

Those are the biggest things that the final Devstream of 2017 had to offer, and I cannot wait to start decorating my Personal Quarters with Venari by my side. What remains to be seen is if Khora can somehow replace Nezha as my main.

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