Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins Lore Is Finally Coming To The Realm Alongside Highly Anticipated Grohk Skin

I may be a week behind on this amazing news but Paladins: Champions of the Realm is finally getting in-game lore! Bits and pieces of lore and character interaction have been pieced together through voice lines and scanning the new maps. For example, we know that Terminus has a violent and conflicting relationship with both Inara and Ash and acts as a kind of executioner for someone called the Magistrate.

Paladins Lore Quest Chain

This lore will be available in the form of Champion bios, which can be found under the Overview tab on any given character. You must complete a small Quest to activate these bios, which as you can see from the above Lore Seeker, simply requires you to play one game. The addition of the number in ‘Lore Seeker 1’ seems to imply that as more lore is unlocked, the more you will have to work to uncover all the hidden secrets of the Realm.

Even when the lore is unlocked, the whole story will not be told, allowing players to try and piece together the puzzle behind all the unique relationships in Paladins.

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That is not all coming in this little update to Paladins OB64, as we are also getting two brand new Epic Skins which if I am honest, seem like they are being added to excite people about OB64 amidst all the backlash against Cards Unbound.

Kylo Ren, I mean Ebon Star Zhin will be adding a futuristic vibe to the rather primitive and brutal tyrant, while Grohk is finally getting the Epic treatment following his decidedly positive rework. Brimstone Grohk definitely turns up the heat and swaps his ever trusty Lightning Staff for burning Hellfire. Brimstone Grohk will be available in the Diamond Chest which can be purchased for 300 Crystals a roll as well as from the Monthly Quest reward. Ebon Star Zhin will be available in the Galaxy Battles Chest.

Get excited about lore Paladins fans because hopefully every question we have ever wondered about our favourite characters will be unveiled.

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