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Release Your Inner Child With A Monthly Lego Box Subscription

Lego is a timeless and amazingly entertaining toy, capable of both immortalising some of your favourite franchises in tiny-block form as well as giving you an outlet to let your imagination run wild. Well, a wonderful individual by the name of Lara Hart has set up a monthly Lego bulk box that contains a wonderful and random assortment of Lego pieces that get delivered to your door, all for an incredibly affordable price. Seriously, if you try and buy the same amount of Lego at any department store, you will be paying a lot more, so this is not something you will want to miss out on.


For $20 you will be treated to an assortment of Lego divided into six categories;

  • 3 random minifigs.
  • minifig accessories such as hats, tools and weapons.
  • bricks and plates.
  • small parts like clips and jump studs.
  • modified bricks and plates.
  • wheels, axles and other vehicle paraphernalia.

This isn’t just a Lego-shaped free-for-all where you are more likely to get filler pieces than anything exciting, but a treasure box of wonder, where I can almost guarantee that you will get something you will be able to use.

So, my very first Lego Bulk Box arrived this morning and I was not disappointed, especially with my weapons and minifigs which has made me relive one of my favourite times in all of history…the Golden Age of piracy. I mean, all it is missing is the trees.

I practically screamed in excitement when I opened the box and saw that shark and my excitement only grew when I saw the cutlass and flintlock pistol but the fun didn’t stop there. An assortment of different brick and plate sizes, colours and shapes awaited as I dug further, the standard fare of any Lego kit, alongside unique pieces that I had never seen before and I have loved Lego for the longest time. You should see me geek out in a Lego store!

The Bulk Box solves the problem of Lego kits and stores and basically assists your creative side by providing you with a series of parts, that are completely random to you but have been assembled with care at PressStuds. This provides you with a solid basis to build anything you want with a huge assortment of pieces that have not been limited by your creative perceptions.

I’ll explain. When I go into a Lego store, I either have a firm idea of what I want to build or just pick pieces that I think will be needed to build anything I want. It does work out in the end, in fact, that is the precise thing Lego is designed to do – work with whatever you think of. However, all it takes is that one piece you would never have picked up, or would have never seen, to get an idea started and take you down a completely new path.

PressStuds Bulk Box

That is what the Lego Bulk Box has done for me in my day sifting through my box of buildables and it is what it will do for so many others! I highly recommend that anyone in Australia and New Zealand (it is not available overseas at this time), who has an appreciation or love for Lego and creative building definitely check it out and maybe jump in on the fun. It is only $20 after all and there are no lock-ins, meaning you can pick and choose when to pay and what month you want a wonderful box of Lego to show up at your front door.

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