Exotic Review: Gemini Jester

“I love making people laugh. And by ‘people’, I mean me. Haha!” “Haha! Me!” 

The Jade Rabbit design makes a triumphant return with its ever-present rabbit logo on the sides of these unique Hunter leg armour pieces. The Gemini Jester focuses on giving your Dodge a little more power and allowing you to press a deciding advantage.

The Gemini Jester uses the intrinsic perk Misdirection, which disorients nearby enemies upon Dodging, as well as temporarily removing their radars. This is a wonderful perk that has potential applications with all aspects of Destiny 2, so whether you are a Crucible god or a PVE legend, the Gemini Jester will serve you well. The disorientation functions the same way as the blind from a flash grenade, with the enemies left in an oblivious state while they cover their faces and eyes. This will last for a good 3-4 seconds before fading and allowing them to attack you once again. On the other hand, the disabling of radar for hostile Guardians, which operates under a similar timeframe is an intense advantage preventing your foes from knowing where exactly you are and further adding to spontaneity and temporary confusion that Dodging presents.


It is an important thing to note that the Gemini Jester is only going to be a great asset to you if you Dodge because there are many Hunters that choose to either jump or fight their way out of a given situation rather than using the class ability. Well, in PVE, there is seemingly no limit to the number of enemies that can be disoriented using Misdirection, which can provide you a few precious assault free seconds to beat a hasty retreat and blow them all away with superior firepower. Even if you are entirely surrounded and closed in, simply activating the Dodge will trigger Misdirection.

In the Crucible, radar is incredibly important, allowing you to precisely pinpoint the location of enemy Guardians. That is why the radar has been slowed after aiming down sights and that is why Mida is such an effective Exotic, keeping your radar active at all times. In close quarters scenarios, where it delves into punches, palms and stabs, losing track of your opponent not only through a Dodge but the subsequent lack of radar is almost a death sentence. Make no mistake, the Gemini Jester will give you a close quarters edge in the Crucible, emphasis on close quarters. If you tend to eliminate foes from a distance the Gemini Jesters are not for you.


The Gemini Jester can be acquired from an Exotic Engram decryption or any activity that can net an Exotic, such as Flashpoints. They can also be gained from Xur if he happens to hold it in his inventory or purchased using the new Fated Engram.

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